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Condoms, but make it high fashion.

Saint Laurent Condoms

It’s not uncommon for the world of high fashion to have eyebrow-raising moments. Remember Hermes’ US$20,000 yoga mat and Louis Vuitton’s US$2,500 Jenga set, among the list of other luxury-priced mundane objects?

Well, it seems that Saint Laurent wants to join in the bandwagon with its own designer take on an item you’d discreetly buy from the nearest drugstore: condoms.

Creative director Anthony Vaccarello announced the item on Instagram following the brand’s show at Paris Fashion Week as part of “The Love Affair” campaign. Shot by Juergen Teller, the campaign portrays models Anja Rubik and David Alexander Finn facing each other – the former dressed fully in Saint Laurent (but of course) and the latter in his heavily tattooed birthday suit.

(Don’t bother searching now, Instagram has since taken the campaign down.)


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Now at #SaintLaurent Rive Droite

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So, how much does this designer condom cost? Surprisingly, only €2. And you can choose from six distinct foils: gold, black, checkered, cob, leopard print and zebra print.

No, this is not a prank. You can actually find the Saint Laurent Condom on the brand’s official website, though the product is only sold exclusively at its Rive Droite concept store in Paris.

Considering the brand’s provocative direction ever since Vaccarello took over reins in 2016 – not to mention the founder’s own nude poses back in the ‘70s – we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Did you?

Photos: Saint Laurent

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