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We are about more than just luxury. We are about appreciating the finer things in life whilst always being two steps ahead and aspiring for the next best thing whether in fashion, lifestyle, dining, travel or everything in between. We are the thrill-seekers, the daredevils, the life-drinkers of the many adventures this rich city landscape has to offer and we do it a notch above the rest. We do it first class all the way, nothing less. It’s in the name.

Our edge over other digital platforms is our promise to deliver the latest first-class news and trends in luxury lifestyle through interactivity and engagement. Riveting content complemented by quality photos, clean layouts, live videos and more convey content in the fastest and most impactful manner. Don’t just read about something; experience what took place with our live video feeds. Don’t just browse through photos; dive right in with our 360-degree videos features.

Underlined by insider knowledge with an appreciation for craftsmanship and class, the content comes from a dedicated editorial team tirelessly seeking only the best and latest in luxury.

Being solely digital, we create and share the latest news as quick as the hour, presented in a plethora of ways with one objective – to share the best things in an equally beautiful package.

With customisable content at any level we don’t want visitors to simply browse, but to fully interact. Animated photos, videos, live streaming and more are a nod to our promise of a fully digital, interactive platform.

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We are a Contemporary. Luxury. Lifestyle digital publication proudly founded and based in Kuala Lumpur. We strive to deliver the latest news and trends in to our readers in the most interactive and engaging way with riveting photos and video assets, all produced by an in-house production and art team.