Socialise with The Singleton promotions for a limited time only

The Singleton Social promotions will be available until June 2020 at Powerplant Malaysia, #MiyagiSays, LAVO and soon, 28 BAR.THEHOOD.

The Singleton, the leading Single Malt Whisky in Malaysia wants you to socialise with your loved ones with special food sharing platters to go with your Singleton of Glen Ord Single Malt bottle.

From November 2019 onwards, you can take your friends and loved ones to three of the gastrobars in Kuala Lumpur namely Powerplant Malaysia, #MiyagiSays and LAVO, to indulge in special sharing platters, accompanied by a bottle of Singleton Glen Ord 12-year-old Single Malt bottle.

At Powerplant Malaysia, enjoy your bottle of Singleton with the Singleton Platter which consists of siu yuk, mashed potatoes, cross trax fries, German black pepper sausages, boneless chicken, garlic mash, and assortment of cucumber, carrot, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes, accompanied with gochujang mayonnaise, pineapple sauce, kimchi mayonnaise and mango salsa. This Singleton Platter combined with one bottle of Singleton 12 year old Single Malt Whisky will set you back a mere RM420++, as the price of the Singleton bottle alone would be RM370++. Sounds like a sweet deal to us.

Over at #MiyagiSays, the Singleton Sharing Platter includes Miyagi fried chicken, Miyagi potato chips, tamago fries, buttermilk kai, tandoori chicken, satay ayam, which can be paired with a Singleton Sharing Platter for RM430++, or you can enjoy five Singleton highballs and two sharing platters for RM90++.

The third promo you can enjoy is one bottle of Singleton 12-year-old Single Malt and a Singleton Meat Platter at RM470++. The Singleton Meat Platter includes breaded calamari rings, smoked chicken, baked chard potato, grilled lamb shoulder, grilled pineapple, Chilli Beef Con Carne, mint mayonnaise and citrus lemon sauce.

The Singleton Social promotions are available from November 2019 until June 2020 at Powerplant Malaysia, #MiyagiSays and LAVO.

Update [21/2/2020]: In addition to the promotions above,  The Singleton will also be having special promotions at 28 BAR.THEHOOD in Pandan Perdana from 15th March to 30th June. Guests can enjoy a complimentary sharing platter with two selections from the snacks menu with every purchase of a bottle of Singleton 12-year-old Single Malt at RM430++. Meanwhile, bigger groups can opt for two bottles of the whisky and enjoy a complimentary sharing platter with any four snacks from the menu.

The Singleton of Glen Ord boasts a rich and smooth flavour, a result of its slow batch distillation and fermentation process. The fermentation process lasts up to 75 hours  – combined with slow batch distillation and maturation in both American and European oak casks makes for a tart yet fruity whisky.

For more information on The Singleton Social platters, log on to Singleton Malaysia’s Facebook page here.

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