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Think security systems that alert you when your children’s nanny or dog-walker comes over and glass windows that tint based on preset heat settings and conditions.

Halio Smart Tinting Glass

There are Hermès and Gucci home collections to perk up your living space, next-level appliances to clean your home from the inside out, and top gaming hardware to build the ultimate game room. Now what your home could use is a bit of brains.

Think security systems that alert you when your children’s nanny or dog-walker comes over, bathtubs that auto-fill at your preferred water level and temperature, and glass windows that tint based on preset heat settings and conditions.

Yes, smart technology has come a long way. Not only does it help solve a problem you may currently be facing, it also saves time and effort while reducing wastage and/or making the best of natural resources.

Here are 5 innovative solutions to make your home “smarter” so work stays at the office and comfort begins at your front door.

Halio Smart Tinting Glass

Bearing with the heat is part and parcel of living in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of natural sunlight. The Halio Smart Tinting Glass allows you to enjoy the best of your home’s natural views and surroundings, while allowing you to adjust the level of sunlight that enters through it to keep the temperature cool indoors. Blocking up to 97% (Halio) or 99% (Halio Black) of ultraviolet rays in less than 3 minutes, all you need is the tap of a button to set the level of tinting based on your preferences. You can even install several panes and configure each one differently or automate the tinting of the glass to specific thresholds at different times of day. Protip: you can also use the glass panels as dividers, interior decor, or for privacy. W

Nest Cam iQ Indoor

Video surveillance cameras are certainly not new technology; but video surveillance cameras that can recognise faces and notify you when someone you know or don’t stops by for a visit? Now, we’re talking. Designed for indoor security, the Nest Cam iQ Indoor features Supersight and intelligent algorithms that can tell a person from an inanimate object. This allows it to zoom in and follow a person’s actions, which appear live on your smartphone. It’s also built-in with Google Assistant to help you perform tasks through your smartphone, whenever and wherever you are. W

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Smarter Fridge Cam

Ever struggled with food wastage because you forgot what you have left in your fridge? Or found a stench in the office pantry because a colleague kept groceries well over their expiry date? Smarter FridgeCam, the world’s first wireless camera that fits inside any fridge, was designed with these problems in mind. Through a connected app on your smartphone, it allows you to view your fridge contents, add new fridge items and keep track of where each one is stored. Plus, its Best Before Tracker shows you items that are about to expire so you can avoid wastage or replace the items by adding them to your shopping list on the app. W


Don’t miss an inch of your home, bathrooms included. With Kohler’s PerfectFill™ technology, you’ll have your bath ready for you at your preferred temperature with just a simple voice command. This way, you won’t need to keep checking on your tub to see when it’s filled up or turn the tap back on once the water’s cooled down. If you prefer showers, Kohler also has the DTV+™ showering system that allows you to create presets for sound, water, steam and lighting effects through the Kohler Konnect mobile application. W

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Amazon Echo

Once you’ve collected all the smart home gadgets you need, Amazon Echo is the one gadget to connect them all together. The Alexa-powered hands-free speaker allows you to make calls, turn the lights on or off, play music and tell you a Dad joke on one of your bad days. All you need to do is speak your mind, and the Echo will do it for you – provided you own other compatible devices, of course. The second-gen Echo now comes in a fresh, minimalistic look – perfect for the smart modern home. W


Images and media: Courtesy of respective brands

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