See how Instagram users are reinterpreting the most memorable looks from Jared Leto, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae and Beyoncé, to name a few.

Among the list of cancelled or postponed global events due to COVID-19 is the Met Gala, which would have taken place yesterday – the first Monday of May – if the planets had aligned. But since it didn’t, red carpet regular Billy Porter and Vogue magazine have teamed up to initiate a fun social media challenge for the fashion crowd to play dress up from home.

Cue the #MetGalaChallenge, inviting Instagram users to recreate their favourite red carpet looks from past Met Galas. In lieu of this year’s “About Time: Fashion and Duration” themed affair, netizens DIY-ed their own ensembles from household items that could very well pass as a theme of its own.

Close to 4,000 posts with the hashtag have been posted so far (at time of writing), with the platform’s wealth of content creators jumping on the bandwagon to reinterpret the most memorable looks from Jared Leto, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae and Beyoncé, to name a few.

Check out our list of the most outstanding takes on the #MetGalaChallenge that are (arguably) almost as good as the originals below.


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lady gaga at the met gala: at home edition ✨ feat my dad as the umbrella helper in a suit and my mom as the camera person 😀 (they are the real mvps here 😤💕) . . but this is my official entry for @voguemagazine ‘s #metgalachallenge! The goal was to recreate iconic met gala looks at home, and this is my take on @brandonmaxwell ‘s design for @ladygaga – feat. pink bedsheets, laudrybaskets, my black photo backdrop, and other clothes i had around the house! . . (sorry there is no part 2 showing the making of the pink coat! Midterms are currently kicking my butt, so i had to rush this project a bit, and that meant no time to film and edit part 2 😅 but nevertheless, i really wanted to get it done, and I’m glad i was able to! its not exactly my best work, but it was a fun challenge! 🙂 ✨ . . Materials for this look were: – and old laundry bin – Carboard – Fanny pack – Scrap black fabric & muslin – Zip ties – old photo backdrop – a lot of hot glue/thread/pins – Pink bedsheets – clothes/accessories from around the house – and my blonde lio (promare) wig haha . . I know this isn’t like my normal style of project, but thank you all so much for coming along for the ride! . . . . #metgala #diy #diyfashion #fashion #cosplay #cosplaywip #crescentshay #recycledfashion #redcarpet #fashiondress #ladygaga #ladygagacosplay #redcarpetdress #eveningdress #historicalcostuming

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I’m so excited to bring you this look I turned for the #metgalachallenge !!! A few days ago @theebillyporter took to the gram to bring us this creative project to execute from home (due by tomorrow) for a chance at being in the legendary, most epic fashion magazine of all time @voguemagazine . I personally have about 100 issues of Vogue in my apartment spanning 3 decades and 10 countries. I’m obsessed (@theannawintour). It would be an honor and a privilege to grace the pages of this magazine! Especially dressed as my libran sister @iamcardib in her Met Gala look from 2019 designed by @thombrowneny (Camp theme-my favorite year by far) So I attached a video at the end where you can see my process taking the very expensive Saran Wrap and duct tape 👀👀👀 and creating molds of my body. I’m super proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with a glue gun, glitter and A DREAM! Special shout to @viaagueda for continued FT support throughout the process!💋💋💋#quarantineeditorials #quaranQUEEN . . . . #metgala #metgala2019 #metgalacamp #cardib #billyporter #vogue #voguemagazine #thombrowne #annawintour #kollincarter

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Hello!! So decided to do the #metgalachallenge @theebillyporter and @voguemagazine launched the challenge a few days ago to recreate your fav Met Gala look ONLY using stuff found at home!! I hit the road running and knew I wanted to do the iconic look that @janellemonae worn! Which was design by the talent @csiriano! Materials Used Cardboard Paper Trash Bags Black Beans White Beans Plastic Forks Straws DVD Valentines Day Decor Black Tape Wire Hangers Bath Towel Shower Curtain #metgalachallenge #metgala #christiansiriano #vouge #camp #fashion #stayhome #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #iconic #style #artsandcrafts #lotsofglue #gay #may4th #metgala2019 #metgalaredcarpet #billyporter #cosplay #costumedesign #fashionstatement #quarantinecouture #recyclefashion #householditems #homegala #homemade #fashion #fashionweek #nycfashion #metgalaafterparty #minichallenge

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The Met Gala might be cancelled this year… but don’t worry i’m here to serve it to you #metgalachallenge ❤️ i really really hope i will make the great Anna Wintour proud as well as the amazing @theebillyporter ! I’ve work sooo HARD on this projet ! I’ve spent so many hours on this costume! Even sleepless nights, especially on this corset and the mask! But It’s so worth it ! Each piece was made by hand using only cardboard, wires, and aluminum foil. Thank you soooo much to my incredible mom @lauriebokobza for the makeup and the support. ❤️ The met gala is one of my favorite moment of each year, it showcases the incredible talent of designers, as well as the huge amount of work behind such creations. It’s a celebration of Fashion and Love. I loved doing this challenge ! Thank you @voguemagazine @theebillyporter Anna wintour @mimles and of course i hope Ezra Miller will see this 🖤 #billyporterfashionchallenge

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One Instagram user, Sanja Kosovska Mitrovica, outdid herself by creating not one, not two, but six Met Gala getups. We can’t decide which one is the most creative of them all, so we’ll leave them all here for you to determine for yourself.


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Repost!!! Alright #MetGala and @badgalriri! Week 2, day 1. Let’s #stayin and #create I like to challenge myself and I get so inspired by the real queens of today! Shoutout to @badgalriri dress and obviously @nytimes who made it easy to recreate! @vogue @nytimes @badgalriri @theellenshow @jimmyfallon @latenightseth @jimmykimmellive @instylemagazine #stayin #quarantinecouture2020 #coronacarpet @oprah @heidiklum @recyclesmarter #recycle #recycledfashion @usatoday @worldstar #usatoday #worldstar #nytimesfashion #nytimes #sethmeyers #saturdaynightlive #latenightshow #rhianna #badgalriri #metgalachallenge @thebillyporter #billyporter @maisonmargiela #maisonmargiela @fentybeauty #fentybeauty @savagexfenty #savagexfenty #theskinny #abcwnn @annieleibovitz @phuckyorihanna_ @stephenjonesmillinery @jgalliano #homegala @mindykaling @timgunn @makingthecuttv @heidiklum @crfashionbook #metgalaofficial @metgalaofficial @costumeawards @commedesgarcons

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Repost!!! Oppps I did it again #metgalachallenge No sawing machine or a place to buy garments? No problem. Recycling bag, scotch tape and some cereal cardboard did it for me! Love and passion! Shoutout to phenomenal eye of one and only @oh_goodidea (photo credits!) lets do this @emrata @dundasworld @theellenshow @theebillyporter @popsugar @cosmopolitan @voguemagazine @vogue @lucyontheground @jimmyfallon @jimmykimmellive #dundas #metgala2020 @latenightseth @theshaderoom @instylemagazine @nytimesfashion @amigshow #quarantinelife #covidfashion #stayin #makinghistory @enews @people #newyorkfashionweek #homegala @thedailyshow @timgunn @heidiklum @makingthecuttv @crfashionbook @cher @metgalaofficial #metgalaofficial

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