5 ways brands have transformed their Raya ads in 2020

This year, brands have taken on a different approach to their Raya ad campaigns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each year, we look forward to seeing the festive ads that cooked up by various brands. From funny storylines that garner a few good belly laughs to heart-wrenching moments that could bring a tear to the burliest of men. However, this year saw the COVID-19 pandemic hit Malaysia, and all festivities, gatherings and celebrations have skidded to a halt until at least the next year. Though Malaysians all over the nation are not able to uphold their annual traditions during this Hari Raya, these 5 ads provide a silver lining in the darkness. They remind us all that no matter how far apart we are, we are still able to commemorate and appreciate what’s truly important during the festive season.

TNB Raya 2020

This fun musical ad from TNB highlights how distance may make the heart grow fonder, but when the bonds with those you love are strong enough – not even the farthest distance can put a damper on Raya 2020. Buying Raya cookies have now been replaced with sweet tooths learning to recreate their childhood treats at home, Malaysians continue to tuck into sumptuous meals with the friends or family members they are able to reach, and we see a new spin on fresh makeovers to ring in the festive season.

RHB Group Raya 2020: Hikmah

In this ad by the RHB banking group, it opens with empty seats on public transportation and the emptier streets of Kuala Lumpur. It highlights how traditions have to change in 2020, as new home-cooks emerge in the younger generation, and prayers being done at home. The importance of togetherness is emphasised, as now family members have come to appreciate each other more, and how it’s not about the material things that promise happiness.

Vivo V19 Iklan Raya 2020 – Ke Sana Ke Sini

Being together during the festive season and having the family members bustle around the home to make all the necessary (and delicious) preparations are some of the key moments for those celebrating Hari Raya. Here we see a family revisit how the loving chaos that ensues during the festivities, with everyone rushing to keep up with the matriarch’s high standards. It then ends with how this year Raya will be celebrated in another style, and despite the distance between family members, the atmosphere and spirit has not changed.

TM Ramadan / Syawal 2020

The TM Group brings to light how this year, the sacrifices we make are different than ones before. This year, we learn about forgiveness, true sacrifice, patience, and faith in new ways. The bonds between family members, friends, and loved ones have strengthened have become stronger despite being miles apart. Prayers now take place in smaller numbers at home and we reach togetherness through technology. This ad shows that no matter how differently Malaysians celebrate Raya this year, the true meaning behind it and the values it teaches will always remain the same.

Watsons Raya 2020 – Jauh Di Mata Tetap Beraya

2020 brings the spotlight to online shopping and how it can help Malaysians celebrate the festive season while staying safe indoors. Video calling allows family members and friends to maintain their bonds even though some aren’t able to balik kampung this year, and children are still able to ask for forgiveness from their parents, or gift them with presents from shopping online. At the start of the ad, a young girl also learns how despite the drastic changes made to the this year’s Raya, the traditions can still remain the same and its values continued to be practised.

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