Fans of these little delicately-flavoured spheres have something new in town to look forward to at Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8.

Ah, caviar. The culinary treasure so prized by chefs and diners never fails to lend a unique touch of luxury, whether eaten with bread or paired with our favourite fine dishes.

If you’re part of the aforementioned segment, you’ll be glad to know The Marini’s Group has brought its own house caviar label to the fore, sourced from renowned Italian brand Caviar Giaveri.

Marini’s Premium Caviar Selection offer the Beluga Siberian and Osietra variations. The buttery, minimally-salted Beluga is highly sought-after for its size and unique flavour, while the golden-brown Osietra bears the stamp of the Russian ‘malassol’ method, each grain a burst of lasting taste.

These fine flavours can be found at Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8, where you will also find pasta dishes with caviar from RM 228. Choose from rich flavours including truffle butter, cream, and mushroom, made to the highest standards of Italian cuisine to complement your Beluga or Osietra caviar.

Each caviar order comes with an assortment of crispy bread, blinis (pancakes) and assorted condiments as well as two glasses of champagne or Beluga vodka shots.

You can also bring a jar of this decadent delicacy home, varying from 30g to 250g and priced between RM900 to RM10,000.

Call 03 2386 6030 or e-mail for reservations and enquiries.


Images courtesy of The Marini’s Group.