After checking in, guests proceeded to the FirstClasse waiting lounge to sip on cocktails, check out watches, and chat with friends new and old while awaiting boarding.

Low Zi Yin, Low Zi Wei, Donovan Ng, Ferhat Nazri and Fang Qing Lin checking into flight FC001

Guests were assigned their international country codes before boarding

Qalisha Ray, Nurida Suraya and Didie Nasir presenting their boarding passes at the check-in counter

Cherlyn Leong and Masaaki Hara from Decorte

The F1RSTCLASSE Lounge is officially open, with simple ground rules to set the tone

Surprise guest Loren Allred greets Habib's Datin Seri Zarida Noordin and Mirsham Habib

Lim Ai San, Celest Thoi, Lim Ai Chiin

Low Zi Yin, Ju Nn Phang, Wendy Tai, Low Zi Wei

Michelle Chai, Michelle Foong, Lyn Siew

Patricia Knudsen with FirstClasse Malaysia's art director, Gan Yew Chin

Sally Quah and Bryan Loo

Valerie Ong, Daryl Ong, Vicye Ng

Devan Linus, Lim Ai Chiin, and Donovan Ng stop for a snap before heading to the cocktail area

Guests are delighted to see familiar faces - here's Lim Ai Chiin embracing Ju Nn Phang while Devan Linus smiles on

Sally Quah, Bryan Loo, Mah Kok Wah, Angelyn Chong

Ferhat Nazri

Jolyna Tan, Sasha Zhukova-Metzner and Jean Ng celebrate with flutes of G.H. Mumm champagne

James Yam

Joyce Shih, Malisse Tan and Stephanie Looi enjoy a night out

Dato' Deven Nathan catches up with Darren Chan and Charmaine Chew

Guests sipped on cocktails made with the latest Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrells

Guests sipped on cocktails made with the latest Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrells

Canapés were at the ready for passengers to nibble on before the feast

Canapés were at the ready for passengers to nibble on before the feast

Foo Ken Vin

Pernod Ricard Malaysia's Emmanuel Dokhelar with Jaeger-LeCoultre Malaysia's Reena Tan

Nik Michael Imran sports Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris

Nurida Suraya and Qalisha Ray

Chairmaine Chew

Adeline Tsen wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre

Roen Cian

Samantha Tan and Yinn Ooi

Yong Mei Fong and Yong Mei Ling, matching in resplendence

Joey Woo and Jeffrey Yang nip away for a moment

Adeline Tsen and Reena Tan meet Chef Nik Michael Imran and his glowing wife Siti Nadiah Shahril at the Jaeger-LeCoultre stop; Adeline, Reena, and Nik Michael are wearing JLC watches

Aidil Azman and Suhaili Micheline

Alister Yoong

Sarah Lian and Edwin Raj

Sasha Zhukova-Metzner

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Awaiting boarding at the F1RSTParty waiting lounge was almost as eventful as the in-flight ballroom.

Stepping out into the 9th floor of W Kuala Lumpur, guests were ushered to the check-in counter. Here, they presented their FirstClasse Airlines boarding passes and discovered their respective destinations – international airport codes marking their tables at dinner.

From then on, photo opportunities were abound. Passengers of FC001 arrived to the lounge to find the sponsor wall and quirky wall, where photographers captured the gorgeous dresses, sharp suits, and smiling faces, before guests were whisked away by friends. Canapés were served throughout the hour alongside Martell cocktailsThe Glenlivet whisky, and G.H. Mumm champagne from our dear friends at Pernod-Ricard Malaysia. At the opposite side of the lounge, all eyes were set on new timepieces from the latest Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris collection.

Surprise guest, singer Loren Allred was also present with warm smiles and welcome greetings VIP guests, including the Habib family and DeCorte senior representatives.

Click here to see what took place in the grand ballroom during dinner.

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