Only 174 bottles were drawn from that single cask – branding it a true collector’s item for whisky enthusiasts.

When it comes to single malt whiskies, there’s quite an extensive range in the market today. Single cask whiskies, on the other hand, are more of a rarity – especially one that’s exclusive to Malaysia.

The Glenlivet recently introduced its new 15 Year Old Single Cask Edition (Cask 906283) – the first ever bottle from the brand sold only to the Malaysian market.

Here’s a quick rundown on the difference between the two if you’re unfamiliar: a single malt whisky is blended using different casks from a single distillery, whereas a single cask whisky is aged in an individual cask all its life.

The Glenlivet 15YO Single Cask Edition (Cask 906283), in particular, is aged in a first fill American oak barrel picked for its exceptional quality from The Glenlivet inventory. Only 174 bottles were drawn from that single cask – branding it a true collector’s item for whisky enthusiasts.

“Each addition to The Glenlivet Single Cask Editions range offers its own individual insight into the provenance, artisanal production techniques and smooth, floral, fruity house style of The Glenlivet. Bottled straight from the cask in which it has been matured, this unique combination of liquid, cask and age will never be replicated,” said Alan Winchester, The Glenlivet Master Distiller.

So, what can you expect from this highly coveted bottle?

The tasting notes

What you’re getting with The Glenlivet 15YO Single Cask Edition (Cask 906283) is as close to drinking a dram straight from the cask after 15 years of maturation. It is non-chill filtered, which allows its purest expression at 59.7% cask strength (by comparison, most bottled whiskies are diluted to about 40% alcohol-by-volume). This means even avid whisky drinkers will want to take this with a few drops of water to open up its flavours and aromas.

Savouring our glass in that manner, we welcome delightful aromas of pear drop sweets and honeydew on the nose. Our first sip hits us with strong, fruity flavours of a freshly baked apple pie and that sweet pear we had a whiff of earlier. It gradually rounds off to a smooth, creamy vanilla with a trace of ginger to follow.

The finish is pleasantly smooth and long, leaving a warm, soothing trail lingering at the back of our throat. We imagine the experience is something fans of The Glenlivet will truly appreciate, given that floral-fruity heritage of the Speyside region that the brand is known for.


The Glenlivet Guardians from the Malaysian Chapter will be offered exclusive purchase privileges of the first 80 bottles out of the 174 bottles that has arrived on Malaysian shores. Each bottle of The Glenlivet 15YO Single Cask Edition (Cask 906283) will retail at RM1,328.00.

For more information or to purchase a bottle, log on to Follow the Malaysian Chapter of The Guardians of The Glenlivet on their Facebook page here for more updates.