Partners in business and best friends in life Rebekah Yeoh and Teo Yi Ping share how they work better together – just like Decorté’s Moisture Liposome Duo.

Put Rebekah Yeoh and Teo Yi Ping in the same room and you can bet they’ll be bouncing off the walls in laughter and their own brand of amusement.

“We have this telepathic bond where we can finish each other’s sentences and we know exactly what the other is thinking,” tells Rebekah, corporate finance manager at YTL Corporation. “As soon as we’re on point on a mutual thought, we just bounce back and do this weird sort of laugh that people miles away can hear – that’s really a very unique bond that you can’t find with people.”

She demonstrates it for good measure, but we already had a glimpse of this special connection while the two were getting their hair and makeup done before our interview.

“I think we just have the same vibe, like, we get each other’s humour – and that’s something I don’t really have with anyone else,” echoes Yi Ping, Flyproject marketing & PR manager and fitness instructor.

But it’s not all fun and games for the two. When crisis knocks at the door – like if one of them runs out of clothes to wear, the other will open a better door…to her closet.

Rebekah Yeoh (left) and Teo Yi Ping are always bringing laughter wherever they go

Partners in business

It’s no secret that they love fashion and they’re often seen at the latest fashion events. Still, despite having a similar circle of friends who can probably identify if the same outfit has been worn twice, they’re more than happy to exchange clothes.

As Yi Ping poses, “What’s the point in wearing a piece of clothing just once and then tossing it out when you can wear it multiple times and share it with others too?”

In all seriousness, Rebekah and Yi Ping acknowledged the consequences of their love for fashion – the pollution and the huge carbon footprint left by the industry. It stirred the guilt in their hearts that eventually resulted in action.

“She has taught me to be very positive and to always be grateful for all the things we have in life.” – Teo Yi Ping

Together with Rebekah’s sister, Ruth and their mutual friend, Melissa Yang, the four founded Recyclothes, a non-profit online boutique selling second hand clothes with 90 percent of proceeds benefiting underprivileged communities.

“Fashion just comes and goes – sometimes a trend comes back – and that’s why we started Recyclothes because fashion can just be recycled,” Yi Ping replies to her own prod earlier.

“Our network of friends were also supportive of this cause because they had a lot of clothes to donate and they wanted to find a way to monetise that. Now, they can do that through our initiative,” Rebekah chips in.

Best friends in life

Running a startup with your best friend may seem like a dream, but in reality, it can sometimes be a challenge especially when expectations are unmet. Luckily for the duo, the things they admire in each other are the same reasons that make the dream work.

For Yi Ping, it’s Rebekah’s kindness and positivity that inspires her on this charitable venture.

“She has taught me to be very positive and to always be grateful for all the things we have in life. That’s why with Recyclothes, we wanted to give back for being just so blessed in our lives,” she expresses in a tone of appreciation.

“She has always been the first girlfriend I go to for a female perspective on things.” – Rebekah Yeoh

On the other hand, it’s Yi Ping’s unapologetic candour that keeps Rebekah grounded.

“My favourite aspect about Ping is just how direct she is,” she reveals, as Yi Ping smirks next to her. “She has always been the first girlfriend I go to for a female perspective on things so if I don’t have her, I would question what kind of advice I would be getting – whether it’s truthful or honest because I would always trust her to give me the most honest feedback in the most direct way possible.”

Their individual strengths are indeed respectable in their own right, but it’s evident that they’re a true force to be reckoned with when united. Likewise, Decorté’s signature Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum and Liposome Treatment Liquid are boosted in their effects when used together.

Decorté Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum Booster (left) and Liposome Treatment Liquid (middle)

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Enter its best friend, the Liposome Treatment Liquid. Launched in 2015, this toner was formulated to enhance the stability of multi-layered liposome capsules. After intensive R&D, this resulting lotion is able to penetrate into the stratum corneum for instant hydration.

The former preps, repairs and hydrates the skin, while the latter ensures the skin capacitors absorb and retain the optimum hydration levels – thus perfecting the skin’s hydration process. Two is better than one, after all.

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Art direction: Gan Yew Chin
Videography: Zac Lam
Shot on location at Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur

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