Discover the X factor that delivers bright, firm, moisturised and hydrated skin resulting from a restful night’s sleep.

It seems that we have a new product to add to the list of most expensive skincare by volume: the Decorté AQ Cream Absolute X, at RM1,850 for a 45g jar.

This latest addition to the premier Japanese skincare brand’s AQ line holds true to its philosophy of improving the skin’s regenerative strength by relaxing one’s mind, with the addition of a new X factor that penetrates into the deepest layer of skin for advanced effects.  The promise: bright, firm, moisturised and hydrated skin that result from a restful night’s sleep.

How exactly does it achieve that? Like any product with a price tag of its range, the secret lies with the ingredients making up its potent formula. For the AQ Cream Absolute X, every ingredient is designed to be absorbed by the deepest layer of the skin to reduce fibroblast damages, improve collagen productivity and enhance the relaxation of both skin and mind.

We know that sounds like beauty jargon, so here’s a breakdown in layman terms.

Understanding the thinning of the skin

Fibroblasts are responsible for collagen production deep within the skin. The more active the fibroblasts, the higher the density of your dermis, which helps to keep the skin firm and elastic. With aging, fibroblasts naturally become less active and cease to replicate as it would in younger skin, causing the skin’s dermal density to decrease.

The thinning of the skin may be accelerated by external stress, causing the fibroblasts to secrete enzymes that degrade the production of collagen and ultimately resulting in sagging skin. The AQ Cream Absolute X wants to prevent this with a breakthrough ingredient specially formulated for that purpose, which brings us to the next point.

The power of Black Soy Nectar™

Everyone knows that soybeans are great for retaining youthful skin, but did you know that black soybeans are better than regular soybeans at that? This is because black soybeans are higher in antioxidants and nutrients such as isoflavone that functions like female hormones.

Black soybeans from the Tamba-Sasayama region of Japan, in particular, were found to demonstrate stronger antioxidant action against the aging effect in fibroblasts. The fermentation process of soymilk obtained from black soybeans were also found to enhance cell activity, which in turn, improves collagen production.

With that in mind, the AQ Cream Absolute X combines Tamba black soybean extract with a fermented solution of soymilk made with black soybean for the best of both worlds. Decorté calls this unique combination ‘Black Soy Nectar™’.

The fragrance of night-blooming cereus

Besides Black Soy Nectar™, the cream contains signature AQ ingredients including white mucuna extract to boost the skin’s regenerative power and white birch water to improve cell activity in the epidermis and dermis layers.

Completing the ultra-luxurious formula is the scent of the night blooming cereus, also known as the queen of the night. It is said to bloom for only a single summer night and has a divine fragrance to seal the relaxation of the body and mind.

How to use: Using the spatula provided, apply a pearl-sized amount of the cream all over the face as the last step of your skincare routine.

The AQ Cream Absolute X is available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens, Isetan The Japan Store Lot 10, Parkson Pavillion and Parkson Gurney.

For more information, log on to Decorté’s official website here.