Why have just one watch when you can have 3 (or more) at the swap of a strap?

There was a time when watches were meant to be worn either only for day or night. People bought a handful to interchange according to the occasion and some even became family heirlooms given how timeless and unchanging they are in design.

These days, watches are more akin to fashion accessories, complementing women’s wardrobes and enhancing men’s outfits as much as a gorgeous pair of shoes or a sharp set of suit.

In keeping up with the demand for different looks and variety, watchmakers are trending towards interchangeable watch straps so you can fully express yourself down to the hour of the day. Why have just one watch when you can have 3 at the swap of a strap?

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso by Christian Louboutin

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso may be 86 years old this year but it’s far from boring especially following its latest encounter with master shoe designer Christian Louboutin. The collaboration collection sees interchangeable straps that combine colours and materials with an artist’s instinctive flair from bright and vibrant to iridescent and shimmering. For certain models, the designer has also drawn his inspiration from the universe of his shoe collections. W jaeger-lecoultre.com

Chanel Boy.Friend

Leather, tweed, metal or chain strapped, Chanel’s Boy.Friend watches blew up in popularity thanks to its radical elegance that is blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity. It boasts an alluring sense of boldness and restraint, embedded in pure lines, balanced proportions and perfected shapes, made additionally expressive by its interchangeable strap feature, of course. For more personalisation, the face of the watch also comes plain or encrusted with diamonds, just take your pick. W chanel.com

Chopard Happy Diamond Sport

It’s never fun to have to choose between two – white or black, light or dark – and Chopard is doing away with that with its Happy Diamond Sport watch that comes with both black and white rubber straps so you can swap them out according to your mood. Whether your bezel is rugged stainless steel or polished 18k rose gold, both straps of polar opposite colours complement the face beautifully so you can proceed from day to night with the same timepiece, with just a change in strap. W chopard.com

Boucheron Reflet

Given how Boucheron’s entire Reflet collection is based off the contemporary art movement of the Modernist era, it only makes sense that its straps too reflect its thrilling and ultra-modern codes. Choose from leather, stainless steel mesh, textured or colour-rich straps, each easily swapped out with a patented interchangeable strap system. Here is a Grand Classic watch that is grand fun. W boucheron.com

Panerai Luminor

Of course who can forget Panerai – one of the first to make strap-swapping a thing with its Luminor watches first released in 2014. Despite being of a very masculine design, it allowed wearers to choose from a collection of 11 coloured alligator straps to customise their Luminor – 8 of a semi-matte finish and 3 of a glossier counterpart. Its latest Luminor Due was released with a sweet turquoise strap that caught the eyes of many ladies everywhere. W panerai.com