The season of new life expectedly comes with a lot of rosy pinks and demure shades of blush but one thing that’s a pleasant surprise are matte hues.

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Gold, glitter and shimmer, it’s time for you guys to take a back seat along with the holiday season. Now that spring is here, our inner beauty junkies are awake with glee once more to see what new collections are in store from our favourite makeup brands.

The season of new life expectedly comes with a lot of rosy pinks and demure shades of blush but one thing that’s a pleasant surprise are the matte hues, a continuing trend from last year. Pastels are the way to go with baby blues, peony pinks, sorbet oranges and in Chanel’s case, even a spot of dusty grey.

Here are five to start if you’re looking to update your makeup wardrobe.

Chanel Coco Codes

Chanel is looking back to its very colour DNA for its new spring collection. Black, white, beige, gold, and red set the tone for new shades of lipsticks, nail lacquers and eyeshadows but the centrepiece is the exclusive limited edition Harmonie de Blush. It reinterprets the 4 most iconic colours of the house to unleash your inventiveness. W:

Dior Colour Gradation

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Pastels are everywhere this spring, that’s no secret, so Dior is taking things up a notch by playing with gradation with its pastels, reinjecting life into the sweet shades with precise but intuitive techniques. Colour harmonies are taken into utmost consideration during the designing of this collection, meant to brighten the face with evanescent blushes and natural hues. W:

YSL Street Art

Pastel doesn’t mean it has to be sweet and girly. YSL takes pastel to the streets with an edgy collection that both rebellious graffiti artist and sweet girl-next-door will love. The packaging may be inspired by street art but the colours remain feasibly wearable featuring bold colours that unapologetically pop. W:

Lancôme Absolutely Rose

Lancôme has had a long love story with roses (we love its Absolue range) so it’s only a matter of time before it releases an entire makeup collection dedicated to it. The goodness, beauty and femininity of the rose is translated into eyeshadows, lipsticks and even mascaras and eyeliners in a warm woody pink shade. The star is a loose powder that is dispensed off a rose bulb in the prettiest way imaginable. W:

Shu Uemura Play Date

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Remember back in the day when you’d play dress up with your best friend and help each other dab on eyeshadow and slick on lipstick? Shu Uemura wants to take you back to that childlike first discovery of makeup with its Play Date collection that is proudly girly with delicious purples, pretty pinks and robust sorbets. W:


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