At the core of the brand is the Skin Regimen Modern Plant Chemistry™ formulation which works at the cellular level to improve the mind-skin stress response.

/skin regimen/ launch Malaysia
(From left to right) Mr. Norman So, Regional Director (Asia) of /skin regimen/, Mr. Brian Brazeau, General Manager of /skin regimen/, Natalia Ng & Mr. Yip Wei Yin, Chief Operating Officer of Luscious Solution Sdn Bhd, with /skin regimen/ products.

Stress is an inevitable part and parcel of the urban life. Sad but true, the condition of our skin is often reflective of the strains we experience in a fast-paced lifestyle. But /skin regimen/ has found a way to diminish not just the indicators of stress on our skin, but also our actual stress levels through its cutting-edge skincare range.

Developed by the Davines Group skincare division, this newcomer to the beauty industry offers a contemporary skincare approach for urbanites that is clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress, pollution and aging on both skin and mind. The forward slashes in the brand’s logo are a reflection of its modernity and the many-sided roles of today’s generation, specifically millennials.

First launched in Europe last February, the brand has just unveiled its first retail counter in Malaysia – and Asia – so we can now easily access its range of ten unisex skincare products designed for fast living and slow aging.

The first /skin regimen/ retail outlet in Malaysia is now open at 1 Utama Shopping Centre

At the core of the brand is the Skin Regimen Modern Plant Chemistry™ formulation which works at the cellular level to improve the mind-skin stress response. It has a natural fragrance from a blend of four essential oils (Juniper, Copahu, Rosewood and Cedarwood) which was scientifically proven to inhibit cortisol activation (a factor of stress) and reduce the perception of anxiety.

All its products feature the Longevity Complex™ – a mix of organic superfood extracts boasting anti-inflammatory properties, powerful antioxidants and cortisol control. These ingredients work together to address factors that cause what it calls ‘lifestyle aging’ such as UV, pollution, diet and quality of sleep; leaving users with healthy, glowing and more youthful-looking skin.

The products can be mixed according to the individual’s desired results following a customised 4-step custom regimen – Prepare, Recharge, Correct and Reset.

Step 1: Prepare

/skin regimen/ cleansing cream
Cleansing cream / anti-pollution face wash

It starts with a gentle cleansing that is designed to effectively remove makeup, impurities, SPF and pollution particles on the skin.

Step 2: Recharge

/skin regimen/ microalgae essence
Microalgae essence / energizing illuminating lotion

The next step is focused on restoring the skin’s hydration level and enhancing its cellular vitality.

Step 3: Correct

1.85 HA Booster / hydra-plumping concentrate

10.0 Tulsi booster / nourishing protective oil

1.5 retinol booster / wrinkle concentrate

15.0 vit booster / brightening concentrate

Tripeptide cream / age-defense moisturiser

Urban shield SPF30 / anti-pollution UV fluid

Lift eye cream / multi-action eye cream

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This phase is highly targeted at the most common stress-related skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration using pure, concentrated ingredients.

Step 4: Reset

/skin regimen/ night detox
Night detox / overnight pro-vitality mask

The final step to seal in all the benefits from previous steps is an overnight detox cream to wake up to regenerated skin in the morning!


For more information, log on to the official website here. To shop the products, pop by the retail counter in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Location: Level 1, FK5B, New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Centre