While staying true to the Maison’s distinctive floral personality, Chef Jeff will bring to the table his brand of gastronomy inspired by his tour of Japan.

Where champagne is in question, Maison Perrier-Jouët stands among the greats with its uncompromising standards marked by an appreciation for the arts. On the other hand, Chef Jeff Ramsey of Babe Gastro is a well-distinguished name in the local food scene for his ‘fun dining’ concept (as opposed to fine dining) underscoring the art of progressive Japanese cuisine.

Perrier-Jouët Brand Ambassador Jean-Baptiste Gourvil and Perrier-Jouët Chef Ambassador for Malaysia Chef Jeff Ramsey.

Marrying the two together is then quite explicably a match made in dining and wining heaven – a treat that has finally come to fruition.

That’s right, the 1-Michelin star chef has been appointed as Perrier-Jouët’s Chef Ambassador for Malaysia. To celebrate the two-year partnership, they will be hosting an art nouveau-themed dinner series dubbed “Art of the Wild” from 26 October to 11 November 2018.

While staying true to the Maison’s distinctive floral personality, Chef Jeff will bring to the table his brand of gastronomy inspired by his tour of Japan. Here’s what to expect from the pair.

A bubbly attack: Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2008

From left: Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut, Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2008 and Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé

Three exquisite floral champagnes borne out of Maison Perrier-Jouët’s two-century-long history star in this dinner series. To start on a high note, the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2008 makes a vibrant entry. Light gold in colour with the fresh scent of white flowers on the nose, a small sip of this bubbly is enough to invigorate the senses with a trail of candied citrus.

Uni, Ootoro, Botan Ebi Tartlette

The vibrancy of this vintage makes it ideal to go with fresh seafood and subtle flavours like our first entrée, Crystal Gyoza, consisting of a translucent gyoza dumpling and cabbage soup.

Our next dishes of Caramelised Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) with Passionfruit Ponzu Granita and Uni, Ootoro, Botan Ebi Tartlette further showcase the minerality of the champagne and its well-balanced composition. The tartlette deserves a special mention for its incredible burst of umami flavours in the mouth – an easy favourite of the meal.

Full of character: Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut

The Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut takes the spotlight next, promising a deeper dive into the fruity, floral world of the Maison. First introduced in 1846, this heritage cuvee blends fifty different Crus to express diverse yet harmonious flavours on the palate.


Chef Jeff’s signature Babendazs (a play on a familiar ice-cream brand) hits the right notes with the trace of Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels from the foie gras matching the fruity character of the champagne. On its own, the idea of foie gras served in the form of an ice-cream sandwich truly emphasises the ‘Wild’ part of the series.

“Steak” Sandwich

The subsequent “Steak” Sandwich dish is where ‘Art’ is on full display. “Nothing is what it seems,” tells the American-Japanese chef teasingly. As it turns out, the ‘bread’ is made from tomato meringue; the ‘lettuce’ is parmesan cheese; and the ‘steak’ is beef tongue. Combined together, the dish makes one memorable sandwich to pair with the round flavours of the wine.

Nagona Walnut Soba completes the trio to go with our Grand Brut – a personal favourite of the chef himself. A reimagined version of the one he shared with his wife in Japan, the 7-ingredient herb, root and seed condiments served with the noodles altogether complement the champagne’s complexity.

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An intense finish: Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé

Great is our expectation of the last champagne: the Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé, as it shares the table with both main and dessert. A delicate rose colour with glints of sparkle in the light, the rosé offers a strong bouquet of red fruits on the nose that lingers still on the palate.

Yuan Miso Salmon with Yuzu Cream and Daun Kaduk

From this section of the menu, the Yuan Miso Salmon with Yuzu Cream and Daun Kaduk best complements the champagne. Its luxuriously tender fish is marinated for 48 hours to produce delicious, creamy flavours that highlight the cava’s intense fruitiness.

The Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels Mont Blanc doesn’t quite cut it as the perfect dessert to end our meal, but that’s because we’re not particularly fans of the chestnut-vanilla combination. Nevertheless, it does bring out the berry and cherry notes of our rosé to finish off our satisfying meal.

Babe Gastro

The Art of the Wild dinner series is now open for bookings. Guests can choose from The Excursion (RM220++), The Journey (RM350++) or The Voyage (RM680++) menus which consists of six, 10 and 11 courses respectively.

For reservations and enquiries, please contact +603 2095 8599 or visit babe.com.my.