This 2019 release comes with a new colour scheme: a slate-grey dial and bezel.

When Tudor first debuted the Black Bay Bronze in Baselworld 2016, the brand’s diver watch made quite a stir with its new case in bronze, larger case size and an in-house movement. Then, last year football legend David Beckham came on as the brand’s ambassador, sporting the Black Bay S&G.

This year at Bazelworld, Tudor introduced the Black Bay Bronze with another facelift. It came with a new slate-grey dial and bezel that gives it an almost new look completely. A new layer of depth is seen due to the slate-grey dial that is shaded from the exterior to the centre, the subtle contrast of the bezel and the gold accents on the hands and hour markers.

The essence of Black Bay

Black Bay BronzeJust like its predecessors, the current Black Bay Bronze model features a dial inspired by the Tudor divers’ watches produced in the 1950s. The prized characteristic known as ‘snowflake’ to collectors first seen in the brand’s 1969 catalogue, makes an appearance here.

Finally, the unprotected winding crown, like the holes drilled across the horns, are typical features of the first generations of Tudor divers’ watches which are retained in this model.

The ‘living’ metal

Black Bay BronzeBronze is known to resist corrosion brought on by seawater, making it the reason why it has long been used in ships and diving equipment. This ‘living’ metal, a high-performance aluminium-copper alloy used is used for submerged parts that need to be highly resistant to corrosion.

On the Black Bay Bronze, the satin-finished bronze casing will produce a subtle, unique patina on the case, based on the wearer’s habits. The combination of copper and tin (or, alternatively aluminium) can quickly develop a patina, the earthy discolouration caused by copper oxidation. This quality lends bronze the distinction as the ‘living metal’.

Overall, the visual effect produces a rugged look, a look that says it was made for your adventurous lifestyle.

The Manufacture Calibre MT5601

The Manufacture Calibre MT5601 that powers the Black Bay Bronze is capable of a 70-hour power reserve. This means, that you can take the watch off your wrist on Friday evening and put it back on again on Monday morning without having to re-set and wind it.

The in-house movement that drives the Black Bay Bronze model measures 33.8 millimetres, the widest diameter of all Tudor’s calibres. Its openwork rotor is satin-brushed with sand-blasted details, and its bridges and plate have alternating polished sand-blasted surfaces and laser decorations.

A historic strap

Black Bay BronzeHistorically, Tudor would deliver the watches without the straps and the French navy would fashion their own straps. One of the old diver watch kept in the brand’s archives has a strap made of elastic recovered from French rescue parachutes.

This ultra-functional relic, recognisable by its gold-coloured thread, is the reference behind the slate-grey woven jacquard strap available for the Black Bay Bronze. A second option is an aged black leather strap whose straight cut accentuates the rustic effect.

If you.are an adventurer at heart and would like to add the Black Bay Bronze to your timepiece collection, do check out their official website here.

Images: Tudor