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The future of engineering is here.

One may find it incredible that the man responsible for Malaysia’s first green building still walks the hallways of his properties today. It was precisely in this manner that we bumped into Dato’ Kenny Tan in Menara KEN TTDI. He started KEN Holdings in the 80s – today, the company remains the nation’s foremost green developer.

“Growing up, my father always taught me that we are more than just property developers putting roofs over heads. We build and enrich the lives of our nation, and that is why we believe in sustainable businesses that also elevate culture in society,” explains Dato’ Kenny’s son, Sam Tan, whom today manages the company alongside his father. Like the senior Tan, Sam is a man of varied interests. Sustainable engineering remains foremost, but wine and art capture his attention in almost equal measure.

Today, Menara KEN TTDI is the canvas bearing diverse passions of this father-son duo. Business, art, wellness, and recreation come together in a cultured space that marks the green future of its renowned township. The platinum-grade corporate office has been recognised with a LEED Platinum Award, BCA Green Mark Platinum Award (Provisional), GreenRE Platinum Award (Provisional), and MSC Malaysia Cybercentre Status.

“Business and life go on, mankind has to progress – but that progression has to be sustainable,” Sam ponders. To him, sustainability goes beyond engineering. It extends into the everyday lives of employees, tenants, and collaborators – the people who live out the KEN vision.


At Menara KEN TTDI, the offices are conducive to any work schedule and style. Each tenant enjoys spacious quarters abundant in natural light, owed to floor-to-ceiling glazed panels. Column-free spaces of up to 30,000 sq ft per floor can be reimagined into spaces to suit almost any trade.

Menara KEN TTDI also has the distinct advantage of allowing tenants to control temperatures of their areas. Individual air-conditioning systems ensure cool air is available 24/7, which is ideal for global companies operating outside the 9-to-5.

Smart measures such as these have attracted multinational-companies such as Nestlé’s Global Procurement Hub and Globee Global Business Solutions to Menara KEN TTDI. The tower also houses the largest Common Ground co-working offices spanning 30,000 sq ft, and will soon welcome BFM 89.9 radio station as well as DKSH Global Corporate Services.


Urban citizens thrive on choice. On the rooftop of Menara KEN TTDI, two exciting lifestyle choices await side-by-side: choose A for Arena Bar on the left, or B for Babel Fit on the right.

Option A is a popular sports sky bar that draws crowds come sunset, while Option B is a the country’s most luxurious, well-equipped gymnasium with a stunning infinity pool. Each provide forms of recreation that reminds us that play-time is as important as work-time – and sometimes, the two come that much closer together.


To bring urbanites together in principle and purpose – that’s the motto of a modern workspace, and it is naturally demonstrated at Menara KEN TTDI. Whether it is an automotive launch, general meeting, seminar, or banquet, KL’s premier, versatile space can be transformed to the limits of your creative mind.

Collaboration is also fittingly displayed within the parts that make this development work. From cement to paint, the carbon footprint of each element has been taken into consideration. Rainwater is recovered for irrigation, while green-certified water fittings save up to 40% more water than conventional ones.

Menara KEN TTDI: Where culture becomes lifestyle

Seeking balance is outdated – the name of the game is now integration. Within this tower, working and playing intersect on the roads of life.

Open, spacious, and bright with natural light, each part comes together to create a unique ambiance, conducive to collaboration. This allows builders of tomorrow to create, play, and showcase facets of their urban lifestyle, all within one coveted address: Menara KEN TTDI.

For more information, visit the official Menara KEN TTDI website.


Videography: Zac Lam

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Art direction: Gan Yew Chin

Shot on location at Menara KEN TTDI

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