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2nd December, 2019
Suria KLCC
Louis Vuitton Suria KLCC store opening

Molly Chiang and Elva Ni

Venice Min and Phei Yong

DJ Blink, Ashley Lau, Ma Han Pin, Jane Chuck, Cherrie Mun and Mae Tan

Asad Motawh and SonaOne

Daiyan Trisha and Whulandary Herman

Siti Saleha


Joseph Marco and Alicia Amin

Malek Mccrone

Christinna Kuan and Jestinna Kuan

Introducing the new Louis Vuitton Suria KLCC store...

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Louis Vuitton has proudly revealed its newly relocated Suria KLCC store, boasting a fresh, contemporary look for a unique shopping experience. Gracing the momentous event were not only Malaysia’s most stylish such as Alicia Amin, Venice Min, SonaOne and Jane Chuck, but also regional influencers such as Dharni, Mae Tan, Molly Chiang and Elva Ni.

Reflecting the Maison’s Spirit of Travel and innovation, the new store features a subtle blend of traditional and modern materials – altogether forming an opulent space with a warm ambience.

The store façade is highlighted by a perforated screen with two iconic motifs of the Maison, the Diamond and Damier.

Inside, a blanket of red flowers adorns the ceiling, juxtaposed against neutral-toned walls and floors. A curation of art pieces including local crafts and handpicked designer furniture from the Objets Nomades collection further spruce up the store interiors.

The Men’s and Women’s universes are connected by a transversal Travel section, underscoring the heritage brand’s Art of Travel. Each segment boasts ample space for customers to browse the collections at comfort and ease, with the contemporary furniture pieces adding to the store’s homey atmosphere.

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Drop by the Louis Vuitton Suria KLCC store now to shop the brand’s latest collections.

Location: G09 Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Photos: Louis Vuitton

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