Looking to the land that led Mr Saint Laurent to experiment with colours – Morocco – YSL Beaute discovered a secret that has been prized for centuries for its medicinal properties.

YSL Beauty Or Rouge Creme

Five years ago, scientists at YSL Beaute made a stunning connection between one of the world’s most potent natural ingredients and one of Mr Yves Saint Laurent’s favourite places.

Looking to the land that led Mr Saint Laurent to experiment with colours – Morocco – they discovered the power of the pistil of the saffron flower that has been prized for centuries for its medicinal properties. Armed with an untold secret that carries within it an exceptional power to sublimate the skin, the team found the core to its Or Rouge range of anti-ageing products that would change the game in anti-ageing skincare.

Aurelie Adam, APAC Retail & Education Director for YSL Beaute
Aurelie Adam, APAC Retail & Education Director for YSL Beaute

Fast forward to 2018 and a new generation of the iconic Or Rouge range is born, this time more concentrated for clearer and faster results. It’s new inside and out, from the formula to the packaging.

Aurelie Adam, APAC Retail & Education Director for YSL Beaute, walks us through what’s new, and what makes it the brand’s most premium and powerful range of anti-ageing skincare to date.

The rarity of the saffron flower

The saffron flower and its pistils

The saffron flower itself is precious as is. It blooms only once a year in the seclusion of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, in the early hours of the morning. Due to its delicateness, it needs to be handpicked in the darkness to minimise any damage to its properties from the sun. From each, only an average of 5 pistils can be harvested.

Power in the pistil

The pistils of the saffron flower

In these pistils are found two sugars available nowhere and in nothing else, crocetin and crocin.

These are sugars naturally produced by the saffron flower to protect the pistils: Crocetin first shield them from antioxidants in the growth stage of the flower and crocin modulate inflammaging, one of the biggest causes of skin ageing.

Applying this to the science of skincare, the Or Rouge uses these two sugars to protect the skin from pollutants and antioxidants as it once protected the pistils while also working on all levels of the skin against inflammatory effects to keep cells youthful and vibrant.

A new extraction process

YSL Beaute decided to up the ante and made it even more potent with a new extraction process. It discovered a new 4-step Green Process called the continuous distillation to maximise the saffron’s already powerful skin renewal properties.

The essence of the saffron pistils are extracted, clarified, distilled and then concentrated once more for maximum potency, four steps that result in 20% more crocin and crocetin than the first generation of saffron extract.

A new sensorial skincare experience

That potency in formula paired with a new invigorating scent and an eco-friendly luxurious packaging make the new Or Rouge a skincare experience that’s novel through and through.

The entire range from the cleanser, lotion, sunscreen, eye cream to its star La Crème both of the Fine and Riche variants now come with a reimagined signature scent. Pink peppercorn, pear, bergamot, rose and jasmine lend it a subtle feminine flair while sandalwood and white musk make it that slightly more contemporary, edgier and more addictive than before.

Upon application, the cream is soft and smooth before melting into a satiny finish, a true indulgent process of self pampering.

Its packaging isn’t just a new jar to be admired either. Its sleek square flacon of luxe gold topped with a brushed golden top etched with the YSL logo holds within it a green alternative. It stores within it recyclable 50ml caplets so you can swap out your empty one and reuse the flacon.

It is beauty that’s kind to the skin and kinder to the planet.

Learn more about the new YSL Beaute Or Rouge skincare range at the official website here.

(Photos: YSL Beaute)