As the saying goes, healthy living starts at home. 

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s to take better care of our health and hygiene. Not just for our own sake, but for the sake of our loved ones too. With only one life to live, our mortality should serve as a reminder for us to live to the fullest and keeping our well-being in check is key to doing that.

As the saying goes, healthy living starts at home – whether it concerns our diet, our lifestyle habits or our living environment. But technology can help to keep germs, bacteria and undetectable harmful substances away too.

To aid your quest to eat, drink, sleep, live and breathe healthier, we’ve rounded up 5 high-tech appliances to introduce to your home and kitchen.

Eat – Samsung Side by Side with Family Hub

Do you need a Smart Fridge in your life? No. Will it make living better? You can count on it. Samsung’s state-of-the-art fridge is a dream for the tech-savvy, with its Family Hub that allows you to plan meals, search for recipes, create shopping lists, watch videos (handy for replicating Gordon Ramsay’s recipes), play music and so much more. Even if that sounds too complex for you, it’s a game-changer for the average home owner to keep track of groceries, retain freshness of produce for longer and ensure optimum cooling for different items – all while looking stylishly sleek and modern in your home. W

Drink – LG PuriCare 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier

We all know drinking enough water every day is essential to staying healthy and hydrated, but regular boiled or filtered water doesn’t completely rid water of contaminants. For an ease of mind, LG’s latest PuriCare addition, the 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier, provides a 3-stage filtration, UV sterilisation and no water tank to ensure fresh water supply that is free of invisible, harmful heavy metals and bacteria, while leaving behind beneficial minerals for the body. Additionally, its new up and down moving tap automatically detects the height of the cup and adjusts its height accordingly to avoid splashes or spills. Users can select the optimum temperature for different types of drinks such as coffee (80°C), tea (70°C) and infant milk (40°C) or cold water. With the LG ThinQ app, you can even monitor water consumption to ensure the family is getting all the hydration they need. W

Live – Dyson Digital Slim™

To cater to common Asian vacuuming habits, Dyson launched the Dyson Digital Slim™ cordless vacuum that features a lighter, smaller body with no loss of suction than larger predecessors like the V11. Designed specifically with our hard floors and bare-foot clean requirements in mind, the lightweight machine features a lower profile fluffy cleaner head with improved airflow to thoroughly clean tight spaces and edges. Thanks to its slimmer, shorter design, daily cleaning feels less of a chore – helping you to keep the house clean, tidy and free of dust, pet dander or allergens. W

Sleep – Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner

With our sweltering weather, it’s understandable that we can’t bear going a full day without turning on the air conditioner. However, long hours with the AC on, especially during sleep, can have adverse effects on health, from dry skin and dehydration to breeding bacteria and in the long run, possibly respiratory issues. This is why Samsung’s innovative Wind-Free air-conditioner is designed to disperse air through micro air-holes to minimise unpleasant cold drafts that irritate the skin. It is equipped with a Tri-Care filter that captures fine dust, and reduces certain viruses, bacteria and allergens to keep air hygienic, while also cleaning itself automatically to prevent build-up of bacteria and odour due to moisture. Plus, Wind-Free technology reduces energy by up to 77%, making it safer for the environment too. W

Breathe – Dyson Pure Cool air purifier

A lot of harmful pollutants can exist in your home without your realisation because most of the particles are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Be it germs from a sneeze, airborne bacteria or outdoor pollution that enters the home through windows and doors, these pollutants can lead to respiratory issues or aggravate those with allergies. This is where an air purifier comes into the picture to capture pollutants and project clean, purified air around the home. The Dyson Pure Cool, in particular, is capable of filtering particles as small as PM0.1, which accounts for up to 99.95% of particle pollution. Its built-in LCD screen also shows you the air quality and gases and particles present in the room in real-time. W

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Photos courtesy of respective brands
Featured image: Samsung