We’ll take an overbooked Delta flight any day.

It’s been a week since the United Airlines debacle but thanks to David Dao having to go through such idiosyncrasy from the authorities, something good came out of it for all of us.

Delta Air Lines, another major American airline has raised the figures to compensate bumped passengers. 

In the past, Delta set the limit to US$800 (approx MYR3,528) as compensation but Delta agents now offer up to US$2,000 (approx MYR8,821) to bumped passengers. Delta Supervisors, on the other hand, can offer payouts up to US$9,950 (approx MYR43,886) from the previous limit of just US$1,350 (approx MYR5,954).

It’s time United Airlines to up their game with their payouts being only $800, especially since after losing $255 million after the incident.

Anyone else wishing for an overbooked Delta flight?

Having said that, we’re more for skipping all that stress altogether and take a scenic train ride if we could choose.

Images: Courtesy of Delta