Homebodies, assemble! It’s time to enjoy professional chef-crafted dishes without the hassle of cooking with these DIY kits.

It’s no secret that many businesses are currently struggling during MCO, especially the restaurants, cafés and bistros we used to frequent. As establishments that pride themselves on providing people with delicious food and inimitable ambience, they now have to temporarily sacrifice the dining experience and resort to takeaway and delivery services to keep their dreams (and rent) afloat.

However, eventually all routines get a bit dull – so some dining establishments have sought to put a twist on their deliveries, by offering people DIY kits to recreate a restaurant-style meal at home with individually prepared-and-packed ingredients. It’s a new, MCO-approved take on a home-cooked meal, without fussing over long prep times and grocery queues. Here’s a roundup of 5 restaurants who are bringing their dishes to you: 


Chef Darren Chin brings the cosiness and comfort of casual French fare that Bref is known for to your kitchen. Take its signature DIY Wagyu burger set for example, which allows you to cook and put together the ultimate umami-packed burger. The set even comes with a freshly baked croll from Chef Darren’s home. The delivery will be arranged with Grab, all you need to do is text in your name, mobile number, delivery address to 012-2232991 (Darren Chin) via WhatsApp to place your order.



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Cook Like Dewakan Food Kit Going beyond recipes, experience Dewakan in a way it has never been before; at home! We want to make cooking fun and interesting for you. What’s inside our Cook Like Dewakan Food Kit: 1. Chef-crafted delicious meals inspired by what we do here at Dewakan. 2. Prepared food in just the right portions to set you up for a meal – fuss free. Follow our directions to cook and present them. 3. We use the same quality ingredients from all our friends that supply Dewakan. Here’s how it works. 1. Discover our weekly meal sets and choose from a variety of uniquely Dewakan sides and condiments. 2. Hang on to receive our perfectly portioned pre-cooked packets delivered to you. 3. Finish of cooking your meals and presenting them at home like Dewakan with our video tutorials and instruction cards. Click on the link in our bio to get your orders going. Tag us at #CookLikeDewakan and show us your version of these dishes

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The culinary geniuses behind Dewakan are looking to make home-cooking fun and interesting during this MCO, while helping culinary amateurs get their hands and cutleries on delicious, restaurant-grade meals. They use the same high-quality ingredients that are supplied to Dewakan to create their Food Kits, and prepare meals that reflect their commitment. Those interested can head on over to their website here to discover their weekly meal sets, and select from a variety of sides and condiments that are unique to the restaurant.

Beta x Skillet

The DIY Menu from Skillet at 163 and Beta are fantastic if you’re looking to spruce up your romantic dinners. You get to put together your own appetisers of pan-seared Foie Gras and sous-vide Norwegian Salmon, before tucking into the mains such as the 36-hour sous-vide Coffee Short Ribs or Confit Pongteh Duck Leg. All you have to do is order your DIY kits here, get a bottle of wine delivered to your doorstep, and you’ve got date night sorted!

MyBurgerlab / MyPizzalab


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Hey masterchefs. Time to show off your skills! Order at: pickup.myburgerlab.com tomorrow k. . And all sets will come with a FREE PINT of our favorite Ice Cream from Inside Scoop. Choose between Beef Patty or Chicken Thigh. Available in Seapark, MyTOWN, And Bangsar only. Since this is soft launch, it’s pickup only. Soon we will have it for delivery and also on Grabfood. ————————————- ‘ ‘ : 1) Defrost the meats for 1-2 hours in room temperature or 24 hours in chiller. 2) Beef Patty: a)You can make 4 quarter pounders (120g+) with the Minced mBL Beef blend pack. b) Our Minced Patty is lightly seasoned. Be creative, add chopped onions, garlic, and any dry herbs to boost its flavor. Minimal Salt required. c) Shape with your hands. Pack it tight, make a patty with a diameter of 10cm+. Make a dent in the middle of the patty to ensure middle is cooked evenly. d) Cook on a searing hot pan. Estimated cooking time: 2mins each side 3) Chicken Thigh: a) Chicken Thigh Patty is already marinated so it packs a punch. No extra seasoning needed. b) You can pan-sear it OR deep fry with some egg wash and flour coating. c) Medium Heat cooking. Finish with high heat on skin side. Estimated cooking time: 6mins-8mins (flip often) 4) Be creative! This is YOUR BurgerLab now. See what you have in the fridge and get funky. That curry you ordered last week that you can’t finish? Thicken it and it’s a great sauce. That sambal your mom made? Perfect! Peanut Butter and Jam? Make your own Elvis! Scrambled Eggs, Spam, Corned Beef, Bacon. Avocado? Throw them on! Trust us, with the quality ingredients we have provided you, it’s hard to make a bad burger. ✨✨ Submit to us your creations on fb or instagram: #myburgerlab #mBLAtHome and who knows, we might feature it on the menu next time! ps. If you fail and burn your burger.. no worries you still have a pint of free Inside Scoop ice cream. You can eat that and cry in the corner you noob.

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If you want to try your hand at putting together your own burger without having to figure out which meat-to-fat ratio works best, then you’re probably better off getting a ‘MBL at Home’ kit from MyBurgerlab. They’ll provide you with their signature charcoal buns, their proprietary MBL beef blend for the patties (remember to defrost them first!), alongside all the necessary fixings and accoutrements. The best part – you even get a free pint of ice cream from Inside Scoop! Just head on over to this website to place your order. Each kit feeds about 4 people (unless you’re a really big eater), perfect for a small family – you can even get the little ones involved in the fun.

If you prefer assembling your own pizza instead, their sister restaurant MyPizzalab is also offering their own Home Kits, which you can find out more about here.


Satisfy your cravings for modern European fare while honing your culinary skills at home with these pre-portioned meals from Soleil restaurant. From Chartreuse-marinated French sardines fillet with olive tapenade to fresh Hokkaido Scallops, you can make your selections from their webstore to place your orders, or dial them up at 03-20118261 / 010-2321838.

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