Winter is here. Run!

If you have been waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones, you can now root for your favourite Westeros house with matching kicks. Adidas has partnered with HBO to bring sneakers inspired by the fantasy show in time for the eighth and final season.

The newly launched Ultraboost running sneakers by Adidas has six styles taken from different facets of the show. There are two styles for women — House Targaryen and House Lannister — and four unisex shoe styles — a dragon-inspired House Targaryen, House of Stark, Night’s Watch, and White Walker.

Retailing at RM850, best to get your hands on these babies before the premiere of the last season. They are moving fast!

Colours and details

The sneakers are designed from different noble houses and other elements of the show. They are complete not just with corresponding colours but also with detailing like sigils and mottos.

The design for the ‘House of Lannister’ comes in striking red with gold stripes, while the ‘White Walker’ resembles a block of ice with an icy blue and white exterior with black stripes. Our pick will be the fiery ‘Targaryen Dragons’ in orange and red on the front fading into the darkness of the rest of the sneaker.

The ‘Night’s Watch’ is stormy black with a touch of white, while the ‘House of Stark’ is almost similar in neutral grey. And lastly, just like the Targaryens, the ‘House Targaryen’ is a pure white pair with silver stripes.

The sneakers pay homage to their respective houses with sigils printed on the tongue and their mottos on the heel tag.

The Game of Thrones collection is not just keepsake merchandise. They are practical Ultraboost running shoes, complete with Adidas’ signature boost midsoles, a lightweight knit upper, and the iconic heel counter for adaptability and support.

Hop on to Adidas Malaysia to take home a pair.