These measure your fitness, notify you of new messages, and buzz you for your next appointment on top of just telling the time.

Luxury watches are one of those things we acquire as a reflection of our individual taste and style, but with the increasing demand for all-things technology, smartwatches have become the latest addition to our wishlist. Think watches that measure your fitness, notify you of new messages, and buzz you for your next appointment on top of just telling the time. Better yet, many watch brands now offer timepieces that combine style and practicality – perfect for a woman on-the-go. Here are five of these watches that made it to our wishlist:

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw

The product of collaboration between one of the world’s top designer brands and Google’s Android Wear platform, the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw smartwatch simply screams class. Although the Access Bradshaw is slightly bulkier in size (44.5mm) compared to its non-smart counterparts, we’d say in this case that bigger is better. Plus, it comes in a variety of colours, including MK’s signature gold-tone which we absolutely adore.

Apple Watch Hermès

Calling all Apple fans, this is the next gadget you need in your collection of Apple products. Apple has partnered with Hermès to produce the Apple Watch Hermès, featuring the Hermès’ handcrafted leather bands and Apple’s watch faces based on the iconic Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace Hermès watches. While helping us stay active and connected, this bad girl does not compromise on style – with three watch band designs and an array of colours to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect match for every outfit.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Arguably one of the most popular smartwatches around (depending on whether you’re an Apple or Android fan), one can expect the Samsung Gear S2 to be a top-class wearable – and it is. We especially love the Classic 18k Rose Gold piece, which adds the class factor to its proven functionality. Did we mention that it has a rotating bezel for navigation? Or if you’d prefer the “boyfriend watch” look, check out the newer Samsung Gear S3 Classic which has improved battery performance and readability.

Olio Model One

Founded in 2015, Olio is a smartwatch startup which emphasises on style and design rather than just functionality. As CEO Steve Jacobs says, “Olio was founded to create thoughtfully crafted products for the discerning individual who wants the latest technology, but on their own terms.” Featuring bespoke watch faces with 24k gold and 18k rose gold-plated finishes, it’s no surprise that the Olio Model One makes our smartwatch wishlist.

Tory Burch Collins Hybrid

Tory Burch recently announced their first line of smartwatches for Holiday 2017, based on their sophisticated menswear watch line – The Collins. The hybrid smartwatch integrates typical smartwatch features such as activity tracking and synchronised notifications into the classic analogue watch face, exuding a timeless elegance in wearable technology. It will be available in four distinct unisex designs including a navy perforated strap with pops of red (as seen above). While not officially out yet, we’re looking forward to its arrival in stores at the end of the year. W