Can you guess the three truths and one lie about the new Tiffany True engagement ring below?

Charles Lewis Tiffany could very well be the father of the engagement ring as we know it today. Back in 1886, during which most diamond rings were set in a bezel, he was the first to introduce a six-prong setting that allowed the diamond to float above the band and shine in the light.

Dubbed the Tiffany® Setting, it holds claim to ‘the most iconic engagement ring in the world’ for over 130 years since its inception. From then, other jewellery houses began to adopt a multi-pronged setting, cementing the popularity of this type of engagement ring design.

Recently, Tiffany & Co. has introduced a new engagement ring to share its predecessor’s fame: the Tiffany True. Launched in the country last month, the Tiffany True makes its debut as the first new engagement ring design from the house in nearly a decade.

To get acquainted with the new icon, we’ve put together three truths and one lie about the Tiffany True engagement ring. Can you guess which statement below is true or false? (Read until the end to see if you got it right!).

#1 It features a new, innovative diamond cut

Tiffany True engagement ring

The first thing you may notice from a top-down glance is the new square mixed-cut diamond that is unique to Tiffany. This innovative cut exposes more surface area on the diamond’s main facet, heightening contrast and highlighting its shine.

#2 The setting is crafted to a T

Tiffany True engagement ring

Another defining feature of the new Tiffany True lies in the setting, which is architecturally crafted to a T…both literally and figuratively speaking. The subtle ‘T’ design on the delicately constructed band allows it to complement, not compete, with the diamond’s brilliance. Its elegant prongs are designed to blend seamlessly into the diamond, further enhancing its pure beauty.

#3 The diamond is ethically sourced

 As per Tiffany tradition, the Tiffany True ring favours the beauty and sustainability of the diamond over its weight. Thus, all diamonds are ethically sourced from approved mines and entrusted to skilled craftsmen that adhere to the highest quality standards of the house.

For a genuine peace of mind, Tiffany & Co. recently launched a Diamond Source Initiative to provide provenance information for every newly sourced, individually registered diamond it sets. This marks a step forward for the house in its commitment to integrity and transparency.

#4 It comes in a white gold or yellow gold band

Tiffany True engagement ring

At launch, the Tiffany True engagement ring is available in two colourways: Tiffany True diamond in 18k white gold and Fancy Yellow diamond in 18k yellow gold. The bands can also be customised upon request.

There you have it – four claims of the new Tiffany True engagement rings. Have you made your guesses as to which are true or false? Scroll on below for the answer.

Tiffany True engagement ring

Answer: 1, 2 and 3 are true statements, 4 is false. Well, actually, it’s half-true – the Tiffany True engagement ring will be available in white diamond set in a platinum band (not white gold) and Fancy Yellow cushion cut diamond set in an 18k yellow gold band.

For more information about the Tiffany True engagement ring, log on the official website here.

Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.