From now till December 31, treat yourself to an elegant dining and living experience in the heart of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo.

Champagne is a permanent fixture at the height of luxury experiences. So we’re hardly surprised that this is the element that uplifts Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo’s exclusive Krug Suite experience.

Discover the hotel’s Presidential Suite like never before thanks to this collaboration with the illustrious 170-year-old Champagne house. Your stay will feature selections such as the Krug Grand Cuvee, Clos Du Mesnil, Vintage 2002, and Rose Champagnes, all arranged in seamless luxury within the suite.

The Krug Suite at Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo

What really sweetens the deal is the enticing Krug Champagne Pairing Dinner, a central part of the stay. Have a look at the menu for the dinner for six (you can add an up to two guests at RM 2,841 each), presented by executive chef Andrea Ferrero.

Iced cauliflower fondant and caviar, wagyu beef sushi, dry white truffle, Parma ham grissini, raspberry house-cured salmon                   

Paired with Krug Grande Cuvee

Poached crab in butter, cucumber and capers, kumquat compote, and oregano

Paired with Krug Clos du Mesnil 2002

Wild seasonal mushrooms, cod fish confit in seaweed, light artichoke pure and garlic chips

Paired with Krug Vintage 2002

Lamb loin, roasted root vegetables and five spices

Paired with Krug Rose

Okinawa passion fruit and Iwate farm cream ice cream

Chocolate and meringue sphere, Italian almond ice cream, and caramelized banana

On top of that, you’ll be treated to an intimate in-room Krug Champagne Breakfast. When you’re not in champagne heaven, you are free to use the hotel’s facilities including the Horizon Club Lounge, swimming pool and fitness club.


Secure your reservation at least a week in advance: e-mail