Flawless proportions, sparkling gemstones and rhythmic patterns are what Cartier’s new Resonances de Cartier high jewellery collection is all about.


Cartier surely knows the way to a woman’s heart and the French Maison continues to prove that with the launch of their new high jewellery collection, Resonances de Cartier.

Flawless proportions, sparkling gemstones and rhythmic patterns make the star characteristics of the collection, as if resonating a wave of oscillations – living up to its name.

Featuring the Maison’s signature diamonds such as the Williamson, the Hope and the Tereshchenko, each stone adds a colourful dimension to the final masterpiece with a long history of its own.

Beginning with a single yet exceptional stone, the craftsmen pore over the concept on paper, mapping out every line, shadow and color before carefully constructing every detail. The result is a magical metamorphosis of rare precious stones into a multifaceted jewellery piece.

To purchase the collection, visit the Cartier website here or head to your nearest Cartier boutique.

Images: Courtesy of Cartier