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Long before he was unveiled as the face of Hublot Malaysia, joining the the likes of Usain Bolt, Jay-Z and Bar Rafaeli, Joe Flizzow’s dream was just to own one of its watches.

Joe Flizzow is Malaysia’s first Friend of Hublot, joining the likes of Usain Bolt, Jay-Z and Bar Rafaeli

Joe Flizzow, rapper, hip hop artiste, musician, producer, entrepreneur and, now, Malaysia’s first Friend of Hublot has long yearned for a Hublot of his own.

“It was love at first sight,” he earnestly reveals of his relationship with Hublot in his signature drawl that’s equal parts endearing and down-to-earth.

Long before he was unveiled as the face of Hublot Malaysia, joining the ranks of international names like Usain Bolt, Jay-Z and Bar Rafaeli, his dream was just to own one of its watches.

“I did a shoot with Hublot months before the Art of Fusion event in 2017,” he regales. “The moment I had the Spirit of Big Bang put on me, I asked for the card of the brand representative. I have a new goal in life – I want to get a Hublot watch by the end of the year.”

For weeks after that, he stuck the card on the mirror of his dresser, reminding himself with each glimpse of it of his goal every day before he left the house.

“I don’t know if it’s the power of attraction but somewhere the stars aligned for this collaboration,” he says.

He got a call one day and, upon hitting things off with Hublot CEO Riccardo Guadalupe, was made the country’s first personification of the Big Bang spirit.

We can see why. Artiste and watch are two sides of a coin in this celebrated partnership. Both are edgy, fearles, bold, unique. Most of all, both are larger than life in composing their own track to life while remaining true to their DNA.

“What resonates with me the most about the brand is that collaborations are a big thing for Hublot,” tells Flizzow. “It’s always been a big thing for myself as well. Throughout my colourful career, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many artists, whether on songs or concerts. I believe in great minds coming together; I believe in different talents coming together to create something new, something fresh. That’s what’s most inspiring about Hublot to me.”

More than that, Hublot’s now signature design also resounds with Flizzow’s persona, in his music and real life.

“It’s bold, it’s confident, yet at the same time quietly elegant,” Flizzow points out. “It’s not too flashy yet it catches the eye. It’s classy. Everytime I step out, I want to be classy too yet make a mark in my own style. Hublot watches are larger than the average watch size too. I love it that Hublot isn’t afraid to make big watches. For me, it’s either go big or go home.”

Watch what it means for Flizzow to be Malaysia’s first Friend of Hublot, told in his own words:

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