From Johnny Depp to Glenn Close.

The Oscars is many things but one thing it’s not is boring. There is always a lot of glitz and glamour on the red carpet, some kind of history in the making (congratulations Viola Davies, first black woman to be awarded an Oscar) and a small dash of drama (who’s still reeling from the mis-announcement of Best Picture?).

There’s also a lot of controversy surrounding it lately on who actually deserves the statue of the golden man. Across the 89 years the awards has been around, it has recognised quite the number of deserving names; at the same time, it’s also left quite a few out.

Here are 15 great actors who are still without an Oscar.

Ed Harris

Will Smith

Edward Norton

Ewan McGregor

Gary Oldman

Glenn Close

Harrison Ford

James McAvoy

Joaquin Phoenix

John Goodman

Johnny Depp

Liam Neeson

Michelle Pfeiffer

Ralph Fiennes

Sigourney Weaver

(Photos: IMDb)