Reminiscent of Urwerk’s watches, the flask has got cutting-edge innovation encased in all of 156 parts – dual flask and winglet stands, included.


For the whisky-sipping watch collector, Swiss watchmaker Urwerk has just the thing for you so you can let your favourite single malt help you contemplate on your next horological purchase.

It has partnered with Scottish maker of single-malt whisky, Macallan, on a one of a kind flask that is, just like you would expect from anything engineered by Urwerk , complicated enough to pique intrigue and overengineered to show off to your friends.

Most flasks are shiny, made straightforwardly of metal and are considered a job well done if it can hold whatever is poured into it. Not this Urwerk x Macallan baby.

Reminiscent of Uwerk’s watches, it’s got cutting-edge innovation encased in all of 156 parts – we told you it’s something you’ll want to show off.

This Macallan x Urwerk whisky wonder will be limited to only 500 pieces worldwide. You can try getting yours now at the Macallan website here or if you’d like to learn more, you can do so at the Urwerk website here.