Known to be a popular staycation haven for many in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur has outdone itself with the new Majestic Club and its exclusive privileges.

The Majestic Hotel, travelThe grand colonial entrance of the Majestic Wing

When it first re-opened its doors in December 2012, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur definitely became the talk of the town as it meant guests could once again relive the jazz and bubbly days of yesteryears. Since the 1930’s, the hotel was the place to be for glamourous social events, government receptions, resplendent weddings, you name it.

More than seven decades later, the Majestic Wing still remains a favourite amongst the folks who have a love for this landmark’s heritage. Hence, it was only natural for The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur to introduce the new Majestic Club, which offers to guests an exclusive experience that is expected of the colonial establishment.

The keyword here is “personal” as the club is underlined by a Double Keyed Les Clefs d’Or certified concierge, where the butlers orchestrate a seamless, memorable stay for Majestic Club members. Upon entering the Majestic Wing, you’ll be led to a private check-in/check-out counter, escaping the long queues. In fact, Majestic Club guests will have the chance to enjoy the Majestic 24 privilege that allows for flexible time of arrival and departure; in other words, guests will be able to determine their own check-in time as well as check-out 24 hours later.

The Majestic Hotel, travelThe Majestic Hotel, travel
With the Majestic Club, service is always at its best                                                 The Governor Suite

Another thing that one can expect is personalised butler and concierge services, and where would we be without them at breakfast time? With a delicious Continental or Traditional Hainanese breakfast option that’s to be served in-room by your butler, it will definitely get you to a great start to the business for the day.

Speaking of business, members also get to enjoy private use of the Majestic Boardroom for two hours and a maximum of 12 people. What’s more, endless beverages are at your disposal as the room’s minibar is complimentary throughout your stay and laundry service is at no extra charge. So be it pressing, in- room service or scheduling bookings at a restaurant in the city, these professionally trained ladies and gentlemen would be more than happy to meet your needs at any time of day.

No doubt The Bar is the central focus of the Majestic Wing with the classic grand piano at the centre and strong dark panels and mirrors all around. Signature drinks, like the Stengah and Gin Pahit, have made many a loyal visitors but it is when the sun sets that Majestic Club members will be in for a serious treat — the intimacy of the Majestic Club Lounge.

Located at an unobstructed corner of the Majestic Wing, members can feel right at home and relax in its plush comfort whilst catching up with friends over evening cocktails mixed by the hotel’s own “Johnnie the Barman”. Of course, one can always pop in for beverages and light snacks throughout the day, including afternoon tea snacks.

The Majestic Hotel, travel
Already a recognised landmark for its colonial elegance and luxurious stays, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur continues to up the ante on luxury travel.

Now with the additional Majestic Club privileges on top of its excellent service, it’s worth a second visit, even if for just a night.  Call +603 2785 8000 or email to find out more about the Majestic Club.


                                                                                                                                                The Reading Room