The show will have on display all her completed works in one place for the first time, previously only shared with the world on Instagram.

What started out as a hobby to pass time has evolved into a full-fledged career defining moment for model-artist Sheena Liam.

From now until 27 October, 2018, her demure embroidery works will be on showcase in her first solo exhibition at Item Gallery Paris, 51, Rue du Montparnasse. The show will have on display all her completed works in one place for the first time.

Previously only shared with the world on Instagram @timesnewromance as well as teased on her personal page @sheenaliam, the embroideries provide some highly personal insight to the daily life of the wispy artist. First glance presents beautiful shapes and figures that evoke a beautiful loneliness with flowing hair and gaitly curves but closer scrutiny opens up the personal view point of Sheena.

Said to be based off photographs of herself, each figure awakens a quiet enlightenment about life as a woman – in the empowering cutting of hair or the acceptance of oneself in all one’s full glory in the simplest acts like lounging around.

Its message is as simple yet poignant and beautiful as the pieces themselves. Love thyself, care for thyself, in whatever small capacity you’re framed in.

“It’s been three years since I first dabbled in the medium. I feel at a place where I need to let go. These pieces have travelled twice around the globe with me, I believe you need to wipe the slate clean to grow as a person,” says Sheena about the exhibition which she believes materialised as “a stroke of luck”.

The show has been many years in the making, even if Sheena herself wasn’t aware of it at the time. She was first spotted and approached by Patrice Forrest who runs Item Gallery while she was embroidering one of her first few pieces in a corner. An offer to show it then was politely declined but the Gallery clearly had its sights on her as it approached her again, this time to a yes.

“It took a bit of convincing from everyone for me to realise that opportunities like these don’t come knocking on every door,” Sheena tells.

Indeed it doesn’t, and we’re glad Times New Romance, named after the very Instagram page at which it first saw life, happened. Pop by from now until 27 October, 2018.