Twins Rachel and Michelle Yeoh may belong to the third-generation of the YTL family, but they have built a firm foundation in fashion for themselves.

When Rachel and Michelle Yeoh were selected to join Queen Charlotte’s Debutante Ball three years ago, their father, Dato’ Sri Michael Yeoh, who is on YTL Construction’s board of directors, couldn’t have been prouder. After all, he played a part in making history walking not one, but two Malaysian debutantes down the aisle in Kensington Palace for the first time.

Founded in 1780, the Ball was traditionally reserved for royalty but has since included non-royalty participants who met strict prerequisites particularly related to their upbringing and experience. Only 20 debutantes aged between 17 to 20 are handpicked every year, after a thorough panel interview and vigorous etiquette lessons.

The twins were just 18 at the time, and from then on, they have established a name for themselves in the fashion industry. This means getting invited to the big four Fashion Weeks and other designer events and launches around the world.

Ciao Milano 🇮🇹 #DGfamily #DGmillennials #DGfw18

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Ready for the Chanel Haute Couture show 🎥

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Their fashion influence didn’t go unnoticed, and they both landed roles in the advisory committee of the British Fashion Council, which determines the allocation of grants and funds to designers, as well as provides opportunities to fashion graduates. Of course, attending the British Fashion Awards comes with the territory.

Last year, they even got to walk for Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall Winter 2017 show at Milan Fashion Week…

…which also led to their cover girl feature on Vogue magazine with the rest of the cast.

But it’s not all about fashion for the two. Now based in London to complete their education, Michelle studies law while Rachel studies philosophy, politics and law. When not studying or attending the latest fashion event, however, they’re likely off travelling or celebrating a party somewhere.

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And these jetsetters sure know how to travel in style too.

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The best part of it is that they get to do all of the above with each other – not just as sisters, but as best friends.

Sisters by blood, best friends by choice 🌅💝✨@rachel_yeoh

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