Here are 5 kickstarter ways to start becoming your best self that can be practiced from anywhere and everywhere.

KarFei Cheah, life coach and global speaker

When there’s a will, there’s a way, so the saying goes.

Finding the will isn’t the hardest part – it’s the little in-betweens of maintaining that will when discouragements come in the way.

Even in that it all comes down to the power of the mind to not get sidetracked, just ask life coach and global speaker KarFei Cheah.

“What would life be like if you can and are the best version of yourself right now?” is his favourite way of kicking people out of their comfort zones. “Many people always wonder what would life be like “only if” they have certain things in their life, but my work with all my clients has proven me otherwise. That question helps to encourage people to think and choose to be the best version of themselves in that moment.”

As a certified life and performance coach with almost 10 years of experience coaching clients from all around the world, he knows what he’s talking about. After all, he’s the first Malaysian to be in the Forbes Coaches Council, an invite-only coaches council by Forbes.

If he’s got you wondering too, here are his kickstarter ways to start becoming your best self that can be practiced from anywhere and everywhere.

Focus on building your character, forget about your goals

“This is a fundamental piece for us to become the best version of ourselves. Most of us focus on the goals and the achievements of the goals, but what matters at the end of the day is our character. It is the person whom we are becoming in pursuit of the goals that make us who we are. If we do not focus on building our character consciously, we will allow the circumstanced in our lives to build us. And the saying goes, if you don’t build yourself, someone else will build you.”

Practice gratitude

“Scientific studies have shown the power of gratitude in our lives. With technology and everything in this world trying to capture our attention by showing how inadequate we are, being able to live in the present and be grateful for things in our lives will help us to live our best lives.”

Celebrate how far you have come

“It is our innate nature to evolve, keep growing, and becoming the better version of ourselves. However, when we are so fixated with future goals and achievements, we forget to celebrate how far we have come. Everything in our pasts (successes, failures, mistakes) are stepping stones towards a better future. We should learn to celebrate them and make them our positive experiences in our lives and not hold grudges or negative feelings towards them.”

Have a clear life vision

“Now some of you might think, I do not know my life vision or I am still “finding” my life vision. This is the spoiler – you will never know and will never be able to “find” if all you do is wait for it to arrive. Life vision is a CREATION, and a creation is a decision. It is a decision at this moment right now that you want to create your life vision, that your life vision will exist. Too many of us are afraid to decide on the life vision that we resolve to wait or find that perfect life vision. Create a life vision, work towards them, and pivot when it is not working out. Life is not school. Life is meant to be explored, experienced, and there are no passing marks.”

Realise that everyone lives on a different timeline

“Unlike school where we have been conditioned with a fixed timeline for everyone, life has different timelines for all of us. We can be a millionaire at the age of 25 or 45, become a Prime Minister at the age of 35 or 93, or start a company at the age 19 or 57. The point is that there are no passion marks for when you achieve your goals or life vision – so stop comparing. Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on exploring and working towards your own life vision and success in different areas of your life.”

For more in-depth methods, look out for KarFei’s book ‘Master Your Mind, Design Your Life’ out for pre-order now.

“This is a book based on my 10 years of coaching experiences with 1000s of clients all around the world. Everyone came to me wanting to create and design a purposeful, passionate, and abundant life, but no one talks about wanting to change and master their mindset to get there,” he tells.

“This book is catered to everyone and anyone who wants to master the art and techniques to really change and reprogram their mind so that they can achieve the successes that they want in their life. It will consist of stories and real case studies on how we can reprogramme our mind to achieve successes in different areas of our lives – career, relationship, finances, fitness, and other goals.”

In a nutshell, the  book is a cumulation of most of KarFei’s clients’ case studies and tried and tested techniques that have helped to deliver transformation results and breakthroughs. He has spent over $50,000 to acquire many different tools and knowledge from experts all around the world, and put them together in one book.

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(Photos: KarFei Cheah)