Add a touch of gold to your Chinese  New Year dinner with Golden Dragonboat’s special 4-course menu made to pair with Johnnie Walker’s Gold Label Reserve.

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, so begins the search for the best place to feast with family, friends or business associates to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rooster. If you’re on the hunt for gold, Golden Dragonboat Restaurant has something that will pique your interest.

It has partnered with Johnnie Walker to premiere a special 4-course menu crafted to pair with the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve for a CNY menu that’s underlined with liquid gold.

The Golden Dynasty set comes with the best ingredients synonymous with prosperity – succulent abalone, indulgent water prawns and more – but more importantly, they’re each made to match the multi-layered and luxuriously creamy and honeyed flavour of the Gold Label we have come to love

Here’s what to expect:

Braised Australian 3-head abalone with fish maw

Delicate and springy thanks to very careful and skillful preparation, the abalone on its own is an immensely flavourful delight. A sip of the Gold Label and the abalone’s creaminess is drawn out further, intensifying its prized sea sweetness. Broccoli balances out the chewiness with a refreshing crunch and the fish maw lends an underlying earthiness to the whole thing that ties it together.

Baked water prawn with cheese

Properly exercising the notes of the Gold Label is this prawn dish, baked with a creamy thick blanket of cheese. While the Gold Label prides itself to be of the lighter and easier to drink expression, it takes on the heavy cheeses with no problem, cutting through the oiliness to add dimension to the flavours while helping the sweetness of the prawn bloom.

Roasted crispy pork knuckle

The Gold Label shows its prowess with heavier meats as well – the crispy pork knuckle comes with the perfect golden brown skin that crunches delightfully with each bite and meat inside that is a nice balance of lean and fat. The Gold Label coats each bite with a malty sweetness, and renders the crispy skin an added nuttiness for a truly satisfying meat dish.

Braised rice with rich soup in claypot

A Chinese dinner would not be complete without rice – Golden Dragonboat serves its rice braised in a hearty broth made incredibly sweet with chockfull of seafood. Every spoonful draws up chunks of prawns, scallops and fish among other sea treasures. Here, the crisp expression of the Gold Label buoys the flavours without overwhelming, allowing the palate to explore the sweet to the salty and roundedness of the rice dish.

The Golden Dynasty Set is priced at RM1,688++ for 6 people and comes with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve for pairing.

For reservations, call Golden Dragonboat Restaurant at 03 – 9281 9933 or 03 – 9281 1313.