We have two (2) passes for PurelyB’s ’21 Days to a Better Body’ programme to give away to help you get started on making those changes and keep you right on track.

Marissa Parry, Health & Wellness Director of PurelyB

World Health Day may have come and gone but the question of your health should be an ongoing priority.

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is making the decisions to take better care of it and committing to the diets and hard rules that turn people off.

“Everyone can just continue their life exactly how they are right now and really there’s no issue with that, because at the end of the day it’s your choice,” tells Marissa Parry, the Health & Wellness director of PurelyB“But what if you could optimise your well-being so you have more energy at the end of a work day to do things you love; fall sick less often; be less stressed and overall be more uplifted; and all it takes is simple lifestyle changes?”

The hardest part for most of us Malaysians is the nutrition part – making us give up our favourite foods is borderline blasphemy – but that’s not the prerequisite to become healthier. Not at all.

“People always feel they need to give up things they like, especially food but this isn’t the case,” Parry elaborates. “It’s about educating yourself and finding a balance. You can live a perfectly healthy lifestyle and still have your Penang char koay teow. You need to know how often you can indulge in these foods, and what are you eating on a daily basis to balance your occasional indulgences.”

Most importantly, it is all in the mind. To make things easier for you, Parry advises everyone to “first change your mindset”.

“Get rid of the negative thoughts that stop you from making a change. Be open to change and open your mind to the potential benefits, making this change will come a lot easier. You can use this for a lot of things in life. Don’t make unnecessary battles, especially when it comes to your health.”

Here are simple changes as suggested by Parry that you can implement in to your daily lives that are so easy, they’ll soon become part of you without much effort:

Have a goal

You need to know why achieving this goal will improve your life, because when things get tough you’ll be more inclined to quit if you don’t have a compelling reason why you are striving for this goal.

Take one step at a time

Don’t think you can change overnight. Remember, there will be times you fall off the bandwagon. That is life. But you have the strength and drive to pick yourself up and get back on.

Have a good relationship with food

Don’t make it your enemy. You will find the balance. I don’t believe in “cheat days” as I feel this make you look at certain foods negatively. If you feel like eating something (unhealthy), eat it. But know the consequences.


Share your goal with a friend or family member, who is reliable and committed to your goal. They can help you stay on track when you get distracted.

Stop procrastinating and start today

Because 6 months down the line you’ll think why didn’t I start this 6 months ago.

Motivated to start making those changes? We have two (2) passes to PurelyB’s ’21 Days to a Better Body’ programme to give away to set you right on track.

The ‘21 Days To A Better Body’ programme is a combination of nutrition and fitness plus the mindfulness component. This programme will be delivered through a comprehensive guidebook and regular e-mails with additional tips and motivation to help throughout the 21 days.

It’s not your run-of-the-mill weight loss programme in X days. It is a specially designed programme to help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle, improve yourself and help you stay on track by providing you with practical guidelines on how to achieve your goals such as how you can move more, start eating healthy, manage stress better, get started on weight loss and improve your energy levels.

Whether you’re seeking to lose weight, eat more complete meals, get fitter or to just understand the fundamentals of healthy living, this is the springboard in that direction, curated by a team of fully trained physicians and certified nutritionists.

Some of the benefits of the programme include:

– How to get into a regular exercise routine
– How to make quick and easy healthy meals
– How to become more mindful and make better choices
– A guide to effective goal setting
– How to make a sustainable lifestyle change

Two winners will be selected at random to win a pass each. To stand a chance, kindly answer the question below:

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