Spirit connoisseurs and mixologists alike have introduced new and innovative gin cocktails to their menus.

There seems to be an increased appreciation for gin of late, with new bars specialising in gin-based drinks popping up around the city. Spirit connoisseurs and mixologists alike have introduced new and innovative gin cocktails to their menus, while enhancing their individual interpretation of the classic G&T.

Whether you’re a gin aficionado yourself or simply catching onto the trend with your group of drinking buddies come this weekend (or whenever), here are 5 bars to satisfy your gin quest in KL.

MAZE Gin Parlour and Coffee Saloon

Just opened last May, MAZE doubles as a coffee saloon by day and a gin parlour by night, and we daresay they are pretty well-stocked for the latter part. With over 100 imported craft gins at the bar, guests can keep coming back with fresh expectations everytime. MAZE is also popular for their gin-sum pushcarts, serving an assortment of fruits, herbs and garnishes to compliment every order of their Gin & Tonic. Their luxurious couches and posh ambience make the place stand out from other bars – another good reason to give this place a visit. mazemy.com


The newest bar on this list, Pahit is quickly becoming a hotspot for KL drinkers. Set in a rustic 1920s shoplot, Pahit specialises in a variety of house-infused, classic and contemporary gin cocktails. If you don’t have anywhere to go on 8th and 9th July, we suggest you head over to celebrate the Pahit Opening Weekend, featuring gin tastings, canapes and DJ performances. You’re welcome for the tip! facebook.com/barpahit

Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar

This lively, retro Catalan bar is one of Bangsar’s watering holes for amazing Spanish food and drinks – and when it comes to the latter, gin takes centrestage. Their classic G&T is served the way Barcelonians would have it: In double-shot goblets with ice and garnished with a hint of fruits and spices to complement. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try their other gin-based cocktails, made from a collection of over 30 different gins ranging from fruity to dry to spicy. W mercat.my

Hyde at 53M

Damansara folks will be familiar with this speakeasy, with its reputation of creating both aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing cocktails. Carrying close to 30 gins from all over the world, Hyde also takes pride in introducing new drinks to the menu every one to two months. Frequent guests vouch for their Garden Gin & Tonic, but don’t be afraid to try their newer gin concoctions too, especially if you’re a second-time visitor. facebook.com/hyde53m

Omakase + Appreciate

The concept of this bar lies in the name – ‘Omakase’ means to entrust in Japanese, inviting guests to leave it to the bartenders to create bespoke drinks that they will appreciate. Nevermind if you don’t trust them, trust the voters who got them on the list of Asia’s 50 best bars in 2017. While they also serve non-gin based cocktails, their gin mixes are one to look out for, such as the Gin Smith. facebook.com/omakaseappreciate