Boozeat shares the four Ps to look out for to avoid being a victim to counterfeit spirits.

We’re all familiar with the thrill of finding a good deal. When it comes to consumables like your favourite wines and spirits however, it pays to be extra cautious.

Counterfeit alcohol deals a blow to more than just the producers’ pockets. It could harm your health as they are often replicated of the original spirits by means of unsavoury ingredients like methanol that can cause blindness and antifreeze, nail polish remover or even paint stripper that can lead to coma and/or death.

Here are the four Ps to look out for to avoid being a victim, as told to us by Boozeat.


“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The margin of profit for alcohol is not as high as you would expect – a difference of as little as RM50 from regular retail price should ring alarm bells already.”


“Departmental retailers like Giant Group (who has Cold Storage, Mercato and Jason’s Food Hall under its umbrella) and Aeon Group are your safest bet as they get their stocks from official suppliers. For duty-free places, most airports are generally safe. Don’t get it from that friend who says they have a supplier who managed to bypass duty and taxation payments. It’s usually a guise.”


“A seasoned drinker should know the difference between the original body of his or her favourite spirit, and one that’s had additives added. One of the most rampantly counterfeited spirit is cognac, that often has a cheaper, lower end make concoction added, on top of colouring and alcohol replacements. Trust your nose and palate.”


“The easiest way to tell a counterfeit apart lies in its packaging, particularly the label and seal. Some counterfeiters can be really good, but never the same as the genuine products. As long as something is irregular with the seal – it’s a counterfeit. It has to be 100% OCD-level perfection. Everything needs to align.”

Boozeat stocks only 100% certified products obtained direct from official suppliers. Have a worry-free experience with your favourite drink when you order from Boozeat at the official website here.