A new year calls for new gadgets — and these are the 3 we’d like to take on 2017 with.

Gadgets, LaunchPort, Leica, Band Z1STRUT® LAUNCHPORT CASES

Together with mobile devices, the way we work has evolved dramatically, to the point where iPads are becoming a necessity. To compliment this workflow, STRUT® has debuted their new LaunchPort cases for the popular Apple device and is the world’s first two-piece wireless charging pedestal with inductive charging facilities. In fact, the term ‘wireless’ has taken on a new definition — for the discriminating consumers, the LaunchPort case is a luxury form of iPad protection as well as convenience. Simply attach the case to the LaunchPort Pedestal for secure mounting – thanks to its strong Neodymium magnet – and power will be transferred for charging; no wires needed! It’s classy, too, as they come in ten finishes: Black Carbon, Walnut Burl, Brushed Pewter, Granite, Eastern Walnut, Rose Wood, Cool Wood, Gold Marble, Blue Carbon, Red Carbon, Western Walnut and Brushed Titanium. W piaget.com

Gadgets, LaunchPort, Leica, Band Z1LEICA M Á LA CARTE

When it comes to cameras,  Geman brand Leica has no qualms about making things personal. The Leica á la carte programme has been nothing but successful, hence offering this service to the Leica M (Typ 240) digital rangefinder camera was the only natural thing to do. Be it the finishing of the camera body to the adding of the red dot logo on the front; or a particular leather trim to including certain technical features into the camera, it’s all up to the owner. Another classy touch that Leica á la carte fans can look forward to is the fine engraving on the top and back of the top deck, which can be either the owner’s signature, personalised text or even special markings. Head to the website or a Leica Store and Boutique near you to explore creating your very own Leica M (Typ 240) with the online configurator. W leica-camera.com

Gadgets, LaunchPort, Leica, Band Z1HONOR BAND Z1

Stylish, functional and great for everyday use, the honor Band Z1 is an accessory that deserves some credit. Priced at only RM259, the sleek watch look-alike houses health-recording capabilities like a run tracker, a calorie counter as well as a sleep tracker. What’s more, its 1.06-inch OLED screen displays the little things that matter in our daily life, such as call reminders, SMS notifications and calendar notes. With the Band Z1’s battery lasting for as long as three days, consumers would only find the waterproof feature a bonus. The honor Band Z1 is now available online and comes in black, white or khaki straps. W vmall.my