Dzi Kingdom Group shares the pros, cons and advice for all 12 zodiacs in taking on the new year.

This Lunar New Year will see the Metal Rat taking the spotlight from 25 January 2020 to 11 February 2021.

According to Dzi Kingdom Group, who owns the largest antique Tibetan Dzi collection in Southeast Asia, people born in the year of the Rat have overall a pretty good fortune in wealth and career in 2020.

What about the rest of the zodiacs? Dato’ Martin Lui, founder of Dzi Kingdom and the first fengshui and bazi master to implement fengshui and bazi into the matching and wearing of Dzi beads, gives us a clue.

Pros: Strong leadership abilities become apparent, resulting in success in career if one is persistent.

Cons: Physical and mental health will be affected this year, thus it is advised that one be cautious especially when on the road or handling machineries. Stress, rejection, and poor luck tinge many areas and conflict with loved ones and family are also apparent.

Advice: Be mentally prepared for an unstable year as many inauspicious stars may attack. Practice prayer and meditation to stay optimistic and create reasons to celebrate as the mind and power of attraction works in mysterious positive ways.

Pros: Good news and good fortune will be aplenty, coming in the form of new homes and new members of the family. Many plans and projects will go smoothly as luck, success and recognition stars are shining brightly. Opportunities for new business ventures and wealth gain also shine bright alongside relationship and attractions tars.

Cons: One might be bogged down by self induced ignorance and pettiness, resulting in the possibility of offending others. Prepare for a minor loss of wealth.

Advice: It’s a good year to diversify your businesses or broaden your source of income. Be generous as helping others unconditionally will result in you receiving returned abundance.

Pros: Kindness and goodwill stars will bring stable emotions. Travelling is in one’s favour to expand and broaden horizons with plenty of opportunities to work overseas. Income will be steady and good luck shines upon one’s wealth and investments.

Cons: Be careful when handling legal matters and documents. Take extra care for elderly loved ones and relatives. Misunderstandings can potentially ruin relationships and marriages. It is advised that one avoids visits to hospitals or funerals. Feelings of loneliness and isolations might also strike.

Advice: Get more sleep and avoid an unhealthy lifestyle as they will add to the negative emotions when they strike to hamper one’s good luck. There will be lots of movements to expand one’s fortune so strike while the iron is hot.

Pros: A benefactress or female mentor/colleague will bring success in many endeavours. Those who are single will be blessed with love and marriage. Additionally, there is good favours for expansions in friends and social networks. It is generally a good year to kick bad habits.

Cons: Wealth, health and career luck are affected badly as many obstacles in work and personal life will arise. Gossip, dispute and disagreements are expected. Keep an eye out on one’s health as multiple diseases and stress related illness are forecasted. A small monetary dispute might also result in one losing friends and family.

Advice: Avoid extra marital affairs and resist temptations that will trouble one’s relationships or marriage. Stay low profile to avoid friction with others which can cause losses in the future.

Pros: It is a great year for those in creative writing fields and there is good career achievement for those who work for others. There is opportunity to diversify, if not entirely change, businesses. New relationship will bloom, perhaps even a marriage proposal. Artists, authors, inventors and the likes have potential to soar new heights.

Cons: Avoid places or words that bring negative Qi. One’s suspicious and possessiveness can hurt partners and family. Legal disputes from small circumstances can become very serious. Mentally prepare for financially difficult situations. Do not become money guarantors this year.

Advice: Things you wish to do out of the ordinary can be achieved this year, be it in a desire to change businesses, career, attitude, fashion, lifestyle or others. Just do not be too proud or arrogant.

Pros: Generally, 2020 will be a year of stability and positivity for the snake with support from many benefactors clearing most obstacles. One will see an improvement in finance and other things in life. There is even potential to find one’s life partner.

Cons: There might be a minor loss in reputation and finance so stay away from high risk investments or gambling. Luck on the home front with family and relatives is slightly lacking. Be aware of the health of an elderly male family member.

Advice: Pay extra attention to one’s upper respiratory and urinary system. Practise tolerance, meditation and holistic wellness to avoid arguments. Minor illnesses may become serious if left unchecked.

Pros: No auspicious stars. Maximise prayer and charity

Cons: Major losses in fortune and health are forecasted this year. Unstable emotions leading to flaring tempers will offend others. The year seems full of challenges with instability in all areas so avoid making risky investments. One might suffer love sickness, breakups or disagreements. Physical health and energy is at a downturn with plenty of obstacles, struggles and difficulties. Be careful of people who bring ill intentions.

Advice: Create more auspicious celebrations like birthdays, marriages, house warmings and more. Pay more attention when travelling this year and stay low profile when needed. Positivity and optimism will overcome anything.

Pros: Great year for wealth, fortune and luck with high likelihood to increase reputation and status. It is a good year to conceive and welcome a new member of the family. Those working in sales, PR and service lines will see great luck and will gain a lot with little struggle. It is a good time to acquire properties and land for long-term investment.

Con: One might encounter criticism and troubles at work. Do not indulge in dark or negative activities. One might run into minor accidents or loss of possession during travel. One needs to control any bad temper and irritation and speak less and do more to avoid offending people.

Advice: Handle and see all things from a positive angle. When travelling, secure oneself with insurance and good planning. It is a good time to improvise a financial and investment management.

Pros: The monkey will re-emerge with a good new start this year, which looks like an encouraging one for ideas and entrepreneurial endeavours. A promotion is forecasted as well as luck increments. Communications and verbal skills will see improvements, resulting in good relationships with subordinates.

Cons: Expect some jealousy, malicious gossip and backstabbing so be careful of who you trust at work and in your friends circle. Stay alert when driving and playing sports. Avoid offending female counterparts, especially if they are a superior and protect your reputation.

Advice: This is the year to test your ideas and creativity in handling situations. Perseverance is the key. Make a visit to the dentist, have a blood check or make a blood donation.

Pros: One may achieve goals and gain power while progressing with relationships with everyone around you. There will be many auspicious and blossoming moments like new partnerships, marriage proposals and newborns. Salary increment is likely as well as promotions from past efforts.

Cons: There might be setbacks caused by health issues. Disputes and disagreements may affect relationships and fortunes. Watch our for an injury involving metal that may cause a minor disfigurement. DO not speak or get involved in other people’s affair.

Advice: Donate blood or get a blood test to neutralise inauspicious stars. With all auspicious stars shining on you, share and allocate to those who are in need as charity and merit is at its best this year.

Pros: It is a year to self improve, learn and self develop,

Cons: Avoid attending negative occasions and dark places. Be careful of mood swings that will offend others. Loss of monetary and valuable is forecasted and one will be prone to minor accidents, animal and insect attacks. There will be no wind fall luck this year. Avoid changing jobs and making important decisions. The first half of the year might be difficult but things will have better resolution in the second half.

Advice: Extra protection is needed. Wear things that will increase luck. Do charity, pray often and be generous.

Pros: It is a good year to acquire skills and knowledge so invest in education for career and personal development. It is a good time to hone one’s creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Cons: Health may be ridden with serious illness and one might succumb to stress, depression and insomnia. Be careful of losing patience and concentration. Mental negativity will cause more agitative problems. One is not encouraged to borrow money.

Advice: This year is a little more positive with general stability in luck, happiness and judgement. Rest and rejuvenate when needed to avoid being emotionally and physically drained. Put more love and attention to one’s elders and their health.


Tibetan Dzi. Photo: Dzi Kingdom

Dzi (pronounced zee) are highly divine gemstones from Tibet and the Silk Road regions with powerful energies that can align with one’s qi to attract or deflect external forces. They may have etched symbols like circles, ovals, squares, waves, lines, diamonds and more and can appear in different colours, shapes and sizes. Colours range from brown to black with their natural patterns typically in ivory white.

Each pattern and colour combination carry a different energy to repel and/or attract different things. For example, they can repel negativity from bad star alignments or attract more activation of good star alignments.

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(Illustrations: Anson Siau)