Take your pick from yoga instructors to weightlifters to give you the extra kick of motivation to get off that couch.

We’ve all been there: convincing ourselves that we’ll go to the gym or get on that workout later, only to end up scrolling Instagram for hours, resulting in wasted time that we could have used to achieve that that dream body. Here’s the thing, why not use Instagram to your advantage and make it a platform for your motivation.

Here are our 10 favourite Instagram fitness gurus, from yoga instructors to weightlifters to give you the extra kick of motivation to get off that couch.

Rich Froning

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Chris and Heidi Powell


Emily Skye

Hey beautiful people! I’m back on Instagram after having a 2 week break. I just felt I needed to take some time off social media. I don’t believe being on here all the time is healthy. I’ve been investing more time into my “real life” rather than the online world. I really love what I do and always want to be helping people in some way and love replying to everyone online. Lately though I just felt I was giving too much of myself away and wasn’t taking care of myself enough. I found myself getting anxious frequently and felt exhausted. If I couldn’t reply to everyone online and be there for everyone I felt I was a disappointment. I’m a people pleaser and always want to be doing everything I can to help others and make them happy. Unfortunately this way of living was making me feel unhappy and stressed. It’s sometimes hard to remember to take care of yourself first isn’t it! If we don’t it’s really hard to take care of anyone else properly. I’m back training hard at the gym with some solid goals set and eating very healthy food. My gut problems are subsiding tremendously, I’m losing the fat I’d gained while I was overseas and I’m getting so much fitter, stronger and faster at sprinting. I’m feeling good and positive again! This is the feeling I had when I first got fit several years ago! Nothing beats this feeling I think! 😃 Apart from a social media detox, I’ve also removed some of the people I was following that didn’t make me feel good or caused me to feel negative – it’s nothing personal, I just really needed to take responsibility for the content I was consuming online and if it isn’t positive or doesn’t cause a positive response then I don’t see the point in seeing it. I had to take control of the things I could control and also set boundaries for myself. I can’t please or help everyone and I needed to let go of the pressure I put on myself to. If something doesn’t make me feel good and I can choose to remove it then I’m going to do so! I highly recommend you do the same! It honestly has helped me so much! A life evaluation and detox was exactly what I needed! ☺ – Just thought I’d update you with where I’m at and why I haven’t been online much lately. 😘

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Joe Wicks

Kayla Itsines

Mike Marchese

Dylan Werner

Cassey Ho

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