Chef on Chef - FirstClasse
What makes good food and a good restaurant? We explore the ingredients, skill and passion that make an unforgettable dining experience by putting the palates of trained chefs to the test. We follow them as they review their peers' restaurants around the country and region in this original web series – Chef on Chef.
This season of Chef on Chef explores some of the lesser known ingredients harvested and grown
in Malaysia. Prepare to be surprised as we travel along the Peninsular to incorporate
these unexpectedly homegrown ingredients into a variety of artisanal feasts.
Malaysia’s dining scene is a robust feast, with delicacies ranging from street to fine;
a Malaysian’s fervent love for food and flavours is also one of our biggest qualities
as a nation. In this season of Chef on Chef, we comb the best of North to
South of the Peninsular for a true and local exploration of Malaysian flavours.
Food has long been a connector of cultures, one that feeds the body in its barest form, and fuels camaraderie on a higher social level. In this third season, we flew in Michelin starred chefs from Singapore and Bangkok to be part of our Malaysian eating cultures – both street and fine – to learn how differently we eat and, more importantly, how much likeness we also share.
Chef on Chef returns for a second season with the spotlight on the delicate culinary craft of the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese washoku places integral weight on raw seafood, fresh produce and generational techniques perfected by intuition of the chef for the ingredients of the seasons. Cultures cross and knowledge exchange as our chefs delve into each other's techniques.
Four top restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Five top chefs who made and carved their names by them. They all have one thing in common: a passion for food. In this debut season of Chef on Chef, the lines of friendship and rivalry begin to blur as some of the industry's most veteran and renowned chefs get into the heat of each other's kitchens.
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