The Singleton of Glen Ord fascinates the senses with 15, 18, and 41 Year Old variants, speaking for the accessibility of Malaysia’s favourite single malt.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Years Cask Strength is a limited edition bottling celebrating the distillery’s 180th year.

When it comes to whisky, global scotch whisky ambassador for The Singleton, Ervin Trykowski, assures us there’s one for every individual out there. We witnessed this philosophy come to life at The Singleton’s dinner launch of its Forgotten Drop series, which hosted us for a special night at Genting Highlands Resort’s The Olive last month.

The Forgotten Drop Series is an annual release of the brand’s rarest, most precious whiskies. They are drawn from casks embodying the distillery’s rich and balanced signature, rediscovered by ‘Master of Malt’ Maureen Robinson. Drawing from her 40 years in the industry, Robinson set out to find exceptional whiskies with unique cask maturation that can be enjoyed the world over. The result for the Asian market is the stellar The Singleton of Glen Ord 41 Year Old.

“In Asia you’re lucky enough to get the jewel in the crown, in my opinion. We have the ability to customise which distillery goes into which market, which means that we can ultimately bring more people on board with that,” said Ervin.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 41 Year Old

Bottled at 49.9% ABV cask strength, this is The Singleton’s oldest release in its 180-year history. It is limited to 600 bottles, of which only 24 end up in Malaysia (RP: RM 15,193).

Ervin described the 41 Year Old as ‘waxed, white smoke’, which is representative of its unique touch: this special release was matured in refill American oak casks, rather than the European ex-sherry casks Glen Ord is better known for. This lends a sweet spiciness, perhaps lingering from the bourbon which previously filled these American casks. We embraced ourselves as we nosed it, sensing the punch this initially unassuming dram had in store.

As expected, the first sip hit us with the complex heat of pure character, adding exhilarating depth to the rich smoothness embodied by The Singleton of Glen Ord. The finish was short, sharp and dry, led by an intense smokiness perfectly balanced out by chocolate. Bear in mind, this is not your everyday pour – it’s a precious sum of careful craftsmanship, calculated patience, and one-of-a-kind blending mastery fit for special occasions, and the trained palate.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Year Old Cask Strength

The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Year Old Cask Strength was served alongside lamb rack with potato dauphinoise, smoked bell pepper salad and lamb juice.

Also making its debut that night was The Singleton’s 180th anniversary special, a limited edition bottling with cask strength of 58.4% ABV (starting from RM 624).

With a ripe, indulgent richness that reminds Ervin of Christmas day, the 18 Year Old is less spicy than the 41 Year Old, making it the perfect bridge to smokier whiskies. It is essentially an 18 Year Old kicked up to a 20, emanating aromas of walnuts and polished antique oak, followed by fruity, gingery-sweet notes carrying a light hint of smoke.

We especially loved how this blend’s strength shone through when paired with medium-rare red meat, rising to the occasion to clear the palate for dessert.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 15 Year Old

The Singleton of Glen Ord 15 Year Old was served alongside bass with mint, baby onion and tamarind-ginger sauce drizzle.

Think of the 15 Year Old as the 18 Year Old’s precocious younger sibling – sweeter, brighter, and generally easier to love.

Vanilla and butterscotch notes eased even the most novice whisky appreciator into the experience with honeyed jam and fresh apple flavours. On the nose, we got a warm hint of wood spice, carrying into a floral spiciness that opened up into a warm, chocolatey finish on the palate.

The 15 Year Old’s light-and-easy nature enhances the flavours of thoroughly seasoned seafood – we experienced the clever balance with succulent scallops and bass. As the first whisky we tasted that night, it sure instilled the anticipation for what turned out to be a night of celebration; of unique distilling, delicious cuisine, and above all, the versatility of a truly accessible single malt.

The award-winning Singleton of Glen Ord range can be purchased nationwide at all authorized distributors. For more information, visit the official site.


Images courtesy of The Singleton.