One of the tacos is spiked with habanero paste, which is a combination of habanero chilli and chilli padi – all in good fiery fun.

Ever since its inception, Troika Sky Dining’s South American establishment, Fuego has charmed KL-ites with its vigour and views. With the launch of its new after-dinner soirée, Midnight Tacos, the award-winning restaurant’s high-spirited energy can now be experienced with a side of modern tacos (or the way round, whichever comes first for the individual).

The highlight of the soirée is why you should visit with good company: the Taco Roulette. Inspired by the game of Russian Roulette, it includes six tacos of your choice from the new menu, paired with six Cimarron tequila shots. The fun part? One of the tacos is spiked with habanero paste, which is a combination of habanero chilli and chilli padi – all in good fiery fun.

It’s available for RM195+ every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm to 1am, so bookmark this for the weekend.

Preparation of Fuego’s Fish Taco.

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Games aside, the tacos – latest items on Fuego’s a la carte menu – are worth a visit in their own right. Chef de Cuisine Shaun Lazaroo explains that there are four main elements in a traditional Mexican taco: tortilla, protein, garnishes such as salad and herbs, and the sauce (typically salsa). Fuego prepares all of these in-house to ensure freshness and originality.

First thing to note, the tortillas are made daily with yellow maize flour (ideal for gluten-free diets) and then chargrilled for a smoky flavour. There are three different flavours available: chicken, beef and fish.

Fuego Chicken Taco.

Our personal favourite is the chicken taco, which is made out of chicken marinated with cumin and lime, chilli mayo, avocado and topped with an additional squeeze of lime. The result is unfussy yet packed with flavour, leaving a slight zest at its trail.

A close-second is the fish taco, featuring Fuego’s specialty squid ink buckwheat battered barramundi. This variation has a little more going on, with jalapeno and pear salsa adding a sweet spice to the crispy texture of the fish. It is then completed with fresh arugula and yuzu aioli, providing a harmonious balance of flavours on the palate.

For those who enjoy heavier and smokier aromas, the beef taco will not disappoint. Made out of chipotle-braised short beef ribs, salsa negra and oregano, the combination bursts with rich, spicy punches tamed only by the earthy notes of oregano.

Fuego’s al-fresco dining area boasts scenic views of KL’s skyline.

For reservations and enquiries, call 603 2162 0886 or visit


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