The $1.5 million 2017 Cadillac One is packed with safety features and state-of-the-art mechanisms that make it the world’s most secure presidential car.

American presidents are some of the most heavily-guarded personnel in the history of modern politics. Like his predecessors, President Donald Trump’s security detail extends to the 2017 V8-powered Cadillac One known as the Beast.

Trump’s Beast is built on a Chevy Kodiak reinforced steel chassis like Obama’s, exclusively handled by Secret Service drivers trained in offensive driving and high-speed 180-degree J-turns. Modified to the tune of $1.5 million, this Cadillac One is designed like an armored weapon, with improved suspension effectively protecting against roadside bombs and speed bumps.

At over six feet tall, the Beast goes up to 95 km/h, which is impressive for a (purportedly) 4.5-tonne vehicle.

Here are 7 other features that keep Trump Cadillac One incredibly tough. Disclaimer: Details may be speculative as certain security measures are confidential.

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Military-grade armored body

Cadillac One is essentially a mobile fortress, with dual-hardness steel, aluminium, titanium, and ceramic creating a five-inch thick armor. Its eight-inch thick doors weigh about the same as the cabin door of a Boeing 757 jet, forming a 100% seal when doors are closed as a measure against chemical or biological attacks. Steel overlaps between the seams take bulletproof protection one step further.

Tank-like defense system

We’re talking front and back night vision cameras, tear gas cannons, and firefighting system in the boot. While weaponry details are blurry, it is known that the presidential limo is equipped with – at very least – pump-action shotguns to fight back. Combined with its indestructible chassis, the Cadillac One maintains structural integrity to protect the President in the event of under-carriage bomb attacks.

Diesel durability

Trumps’ Beast runs on a Duramax diesel engine in General Motors style. Used as fuel, diesel is explosion-proof and easily found worldwide; although it is not as volative as petrol, the fuel tank applies a special foam to buffer any direct hits.

Tough-as-nails windows

Even the windows are made of five glass and poly-carbonate layers, each reportedly an inch thick. Together, they form a bulletproof, bomb-proof barricade, while the front windscreen can withstand a .44 close-range magnum shot!

Life-support additions

With its history of presidential attacks, you can bet Americans aren’t taking any chances with its premier’s life. This is why Trump Cadillac One has its own oxygen system, along with a supply of the president’s blood in case he needs an emergency transfusion.

Customised safe haven

Besides being air-shut tight, Cadillac One applies an auto-lock safety system that can further seal off the entire car in when activated. It maintains Obama’s 2+3+2 seat configuration, which now seats President Trump and four other passengers in conference-style positions. This private segment is cordoned off with a glass partition and panic button that the president alone can activate. He is connected to the vice president and Pentagon via the built-in satellite phone.

Run-flat Kevlar tyres

There’s no way spike strips are putting a stop to this Beast. Its enormous tyres are specially reinforced with Kevlar for shred and puncture resistance. Even if they suffer some sort of damage, the wheels have a run-flat mechanism that allows the limo to escape quickly on bespoke steel rims.

Images courtesy of Autoweek.

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