To prepare you for that day or night, here are a few tips on how and where to spray your perfume, to make it last longer on you.

Smelling good is just as important as looking good.There’s nothing like a little spritz of perfume to spruce up your outfit and mood for the day.

Sometimes though, it may be difficult to know how to make your perfume scent stand out and last long on your skin. An expensive bottle of perfume does not always translate to you smelling fine and fresh, if you aren’t sure how or where to spritz it.

So to prepare you for that night out or for the parties you may attend this holiday season, here are a few tips on how and where to spray your perfume, to make it last longer on you.

Where do I spray it?

Inside the elbows and behind the knees

There are a number of areas on the body that you may or may not be aware of that are conducive for ensuring that your perfume lasts all day. Some perfume lovers may choose to spray their perfume in the air and then walk into it (like they do in the movies) however this is a rather wasteful way of wearing your scent.

The best places to spritz that scent on your body are on the pulse points, or on the oilier areas of the skin, as it holds the scent better. Pulse points are also the areas on your body that are likely to heat up during the day. As your body’s temperature changes, it will help to release the notes of the scent you are wearing as well.

On the neck and wrists

The tried and true method of spritzing scents on your neck and wrists is applicable till today. It is a popular pulse point, along with the wrists which are warm and will be able to bring out the scent of your perfume throughout the day. But remember – spray and dab, but do not rub!

Inside the elbows and behind the knees

You can roll on your perfume inside your elbows, as it is also a popular pulse point on your skin and will easily warm up throughout the day, being able to connect your skin with the fragrance. The back of the knees are also warm, thus making it a popular spot for perfume.

On the neck and in the cleavage

In the cleavage

Unsurprisingly another warm and snug pulse point on the female body is none other than the cleavage. Try dabbing some of your perfume on your cleavage before that night out, and prepare to turn heads when you walk by!

On top of the ears, and behind the ears

The top of the ears has more oil than the back, and perfumes tend to wear longer on skin that is oilier or well-moisturized, so remember to dab some of that sexy scent on the top of your earlobes for a lasting smell. Another popular pulse point is behind the ears, as the warmth of the skin helps to release the good smells of that scent.

How do I wear it?

Besides knowing where to wear it, how one wears perfume is almost just as important. There are a few tips to make perfumes last longer, and that is by applying it correctly. Here are a few tips on how to do just that

Make sure skin is properly moisturised before application

Well-moisturised skin will lock in fragrance longer. Immediately after your shower, towel dry your skin and add some unscented lotion or Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on your skin, particularly on your pulse points. Then apply perfume to the pulse points. You should be smelling good all day long!

Dab, do not rub

A common mistake when applying perfume is to rub it together, however the best practice is to simply dab the perfume on the skin, as rubbing may cause the scent’s top notes to dissolve faster than it is intended to.

Store perfumes in a cool, dark place (not in the bathroom!)

It is best practice to store your perfumes somewhere cool and dark where there are little to no temperature or humidity changes. Storing perfumes in the bathroom will break down their chemical compounds and degrade their oils over time, and will cause them to lose their potency. Storing it in its original box or bottle and away from direct sunlight it the best option.

Apply the correct type or strength of perfume

Different strengths of perfume will yield different times for how long it lasts on the skin. The main difference between the strengths of perfume is simply the concentration of oils within the fragrance. The higher the percentage of oils, the longer it tends to last on the skin.

Eau de parfum has the highest strength, followed by eau de toilette and then cologne and body mist. This is a general rule, however the notes of the fragrance also play a role in their strength and how long they last on the skin, so it pays to know the type of base notes and top notes you prefer to have in your scent. Perfumes with more distinct base notes tend to have a longer shelf life than those with distinct top notes.