In true Chanel fashion, the cafe is equal parts chic and equal parts cute.

Last month, the coffee and makeup enthusiast communities were stirred good and proper with the announcement of Chanel’s pop-up Coco Café making its way to Singapore.

Reservations filled up within hours of the guestlist opening and fans of Chanel and makeup alike had to pray to the fashion Gods that they score a spot with the walk-ins.

The point of all that hype? The premiere the first Cruise makeup collection by Chanel – the Les Indispensables de L’été – as well its new Rouge Coco Gloss.

In true Chanel fashion, both were presented with equal parts chic and equal parts cute with special juice and cocktail counters to go with its makeup while you catch up with the latest Chanel news with special edition The Coco Daily newsletters.

Have a look for yourself.

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The pop-up cafe is ongoing until April 16 so pop by while you can! For more information, log on to the official website here.