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To commemorate our 62nd Independence Day this month, take a look at these Malaysian luxury brands that are making waves around the world right now.

Fifty years ago, if you asked someone outside of Asia – even somewhere as developed as London or New York – what they knew about Malaysia, chances are you’ll get a blank look. Ask that same question now and you’ll be surprised what some of them can tell you.

Of course, various factors including globalisation and a wonderful invention called the Internet have contributed to the change; but let’s not forget the efforts and achievements of some fellow countrymen that have put Malaysia on the map (for the right reasons).

To commemorate our 62nd Independence Day this month, take a look at these Malaysian luxury brands that are making waves around the world right now.

Royal Selangor

Malaysian luxury brand Royal SelangorOur history books may document our country’s rich natural resources, but it’s brands like Royal Selangor that share that pride beyond our borders. Its long, steep heritage has earned it The Royal Warrant from the Sultan of Selangor (hence the change in name from ‘Selangor Pewter’ in 1979). Besides having the royal family as loyal clients, it has also been commissioned to make champagne accessories for LVMH brands including Krug and Dom Perignon as well as trophies for Formula 1 tournaments. Today, it holds the title of the world’s largest pewter company. W


Self-Portrait swimwear collectionPenang-born Han Chong, fondly known as Mr. Self Portrait, is the founder of London-based designer label, Self-Portrait. Since it was established in 2013, the fashion brand has achieved milestone after milestone from debuting at New York Fashion Week in 2015 to selling out collections at Harrods and Selfridges. Despite his global fame, the designer often shares of his roots in Malaysia. Just last March, he hosted top social media influencers such as Aimee Song and Tina Leung in Langkawi for the debut of his swimwear collection. What better way to put Malaysia on the map than through the eyes of millions of followers on Instagram? W

Farah Khan

Farah Khan KLFW 2017Another homegrown fashion brand that has achieved global recognition is none other than businesswoman and philanthropist Farah Khan’s eponymous label. Sold across 70 fashion capitals worldwide including Milan and Dubai, the brand’s colourful and intricately designed pieces have been worn by renowned clients including Bella Hadid, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens. Farah’s fame as entrepreneur the behind The Melium Group has only added to its impressive global reach. W

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Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

Founded by Hong Kong-based Malaysian business tycoon Robert Kuok in 1971, the Shangri-La group has since grown to become a multinational hospitality company with properties across six continents. Nevertheless, Shangri-La Hotels Malaysia still currently manages nine hotels and resorts under the Shangri-La, Hotel Jen, Traders Hotel and Rasa Sayang brands in the country. Given their standing as Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel chain, we have them to thank for adding to the country’s portfolio of 5-star hotels, ultimately fostering the growth of the local tourism industry. W


The Habib household’s jewellery brand celebrates a legacy almost as long as our country’s independence, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of best-known local jewellers. That said, its clientele doesn’t just consist of locals, but also includes jewellery collectors from Dubai, Hong Kong, US and Europe. Having matured from a humble shop in Penang’s Pitt Street, the brand maintains an “affordable luxury” approach to jewellery, keeping prices reasonable without compromising on quality. W

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Jimmy Choo

You probably saw this one coming, especially if you’re a fan of designer shoes. Jimmy Choo is arguably the most successful Malaysian designer to date, on par with the top luxury shoe designers such as Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti. Though the brand was acquired by Tapestry – which also owns Michael Kors and Coach – in 2017, the designer has long established a name for himself and continues to share his Malaysian pride with the rest of the world. W

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