A cult classic from the Estée Lauder brand for over 38 years, we take a look at how the ANR has evolved, and why it’s still deserving of its cult favourite status to this day.

The iconic “little brown bottle”. The miracle in a dropper. The ANR.

Call it what you will but women all over the world know immediately what you’re referring at the mention of a few key features of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum.

A cult classic from the Estée Lauder brand for over 38 years, Advanced Night Repair or ANR, as it is more fondly known, is a staple found in cosmetics cabinets all around the world. Launched in 1982 as Night Repair, the serum heralded a new era in skin repair.

Everything about the original product was unique – the texture, the formula, the technology – and remains so to this very day.

ANR set the precedent for the skin repair concept when it launched and continues to lead the category today. Women of all ages around the globe swear by ANR’s power to help skin fight against environmental assaults, repair the look of signs of aging and past damage, and help prevent future damage. The formula has been updated only 4 times in its 38 years, with each launch debuting an unprecedented first in innovative skincare research. The coveted formula remains one of the best-selling, most loved skincare products in Estée Lauder history.

We take a look at how the serum has evolved, and why it’s still deserving of its cult favourite status to this day.

1982: Night Repair Cellular Recovery Complex

The launch of Night Repair Cellular Recovery Complex changed the face of skin care to skin repair. The original formula was the first product developed to help skin repair and recover from the visible effects of UV light exposure. It was also the first skincare product to use hyaluronic acid. Working in sync with the skin’s own natural processes, it boosted skin’s natural renewal process and repaired the visible signs of aging during the restorative hours of sleep.

1991: Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex

Estée Lauder raised the bar on its own innovation when Night Repair was reformulated with proprietary anti-oxidant technologies. Working through the night and into the day, ANR Protective Recovery Complex helped to boost skin’s natural nighttime renewal and protective daytime processes. Mimicking the skin’s own natural mechanisms, this advanced formula helped to boost skin’s natural ability to recover from damage and reduce the visible signs of aging. Testing showed that this highly-effective formula neutralized up to 90% of environmentally-generated free radicals, while shoring up skin’s natural resistance to future damage.

2009: Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

Estée Lauder’s pivotal research discovery led to a new technology that revolutionized night-time repair. ANR Synchronized Recovery Complex provided comprehensive and optimized night-time repair with revolutionary ChronoluxTM Technology to support the natural synchronization of skin’s day/night rhythm of protection and repair to help skin repair at exactly the right time – at night.

2013: Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

Estée Lauder introduced ANR Synchronized Recovery Complex II – the brand’s comprehensive and advanced repair serum. Estée Lauder unveiled a breakthrough discovery related to skin cells’ natural purification; new and exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology; and the results of an unprecedented independent clinical study that revealed the impact of chronic lack of sleep on skin’s appearance.

2020: Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex

This year, Estée Lauder celebrates over 38 years of innovation and inspiration with the new ANR Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex,  its most advanced repair serum  to help skin maximize its natural fast repair and youth-generating power.

Inspired by an unprecedented Estée Lauder science discovery on micro signaling molecules and their role in skin aging, new Chronolux Power Signal Technology helps skin repair the look of key signs of aging more comprehensively than ever, and for the first time, helps skin boosts its natural renewal of fresh, new cells and production of collagen for firmer skin.

Following thirteen years of industry-leading epigenetics research related to skin, Estée Lauder scientists showed for the first time that one epigenetic micro signaling molecule supports many natural skin cell activities related to youthful skin , including collagen production and cellular proliferation. The specific molecule is a microRNA called miR – 146a.

The new ANR uses Estée Lauder’s most refined technologies to target this molecule for the the strongest effect in anti-ageing efforts to repair and return skin to its most youthful.

The ANR Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex is now available at all Estée Lauder counters nation-wide.

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(Source: Estee Lauder)