Bottega Veneta brings familiar normalcy and escapism to your home with this new multi-platform concept.

As we continue to soldier on through the coming extension for MCO, we must all find a way to cope with prolonged boredom and isolation from the outside world. Thankfully, luxury Italian fashion marque Bottega Veneta is launching a new multi-platform concept to spread some positivity, strength, and creativity to all corners of the world.

Named the Bottega Residency, the new concept aims to lend a space each week to its collaborators, muses, and talents to celebrate the creatives minds and works that have influenced their lives and touched their souls. From writers and musicians to film directors and performers, the lineup is nothing short of creative and inspiring.

Over the course of each weekend, Bottega Residency will act as a second home where people can not only find solace, but also excitement and a sense of familiar normalcy that provides comfort and positivity. Think live music performed by collaborating artists, homey cooking and recipes from rising-star chefs, or a Sunday move night in with a film industry partner – bringing your average eventful weekend to your home.

“Creativity and strength lie at the heart of Bottega Veneta. In this highly distressing time, we feel a responsibility to celebrate those values and ignite a sense of joy and hope in our community and beyond,” said Creative Director of Bottega Veneta Daniel Lee in a statement.

This new approach to luxury is curated to emulate a journey of consistent collaboration, in order to provide inspiration, activity and comfort to their audience at a time of loneliness and boredom. Bottega Residency brings at-home escapism, while embodying the true meaning of Bottega, translated from Italian meaning “workshop” – which acts as a laboratory of unending creativity.

Bottega Residency will be accessible across popular platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Weibo, Line, Kakao, Spotify, Apple Music, as well as via a unique mini-site on Bottega’s website. Bottega Residency will continue to live on within the brand’s overarching strategy.

Photo and Video: Bottega Veneta